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How the Lockwood & Co. Trailer Explores the Paranormal

Netflix hasn’t produced any exciting paranormal investigation series with a supernatural theme in a long time, except for Wednesday, which debuted in 2021. With the recent announcement of the Lockwood & Co. series, fans have been reminded of how Netflix used to deliver these fantastic shows every week over the last decade, although its quality has declined significantly in recent years.

Lockwood & Co. is an upcoming British supernatural detective series based on Jonathan Stroud’s book series of the same name. Joe Cornish directs the eight-episode series, which stars promising young actors such as Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman, and Ali Hadji-Heshmati. The official trailer for the Netflix series, Lockwood & Co., has recently been released, and here is a comprehensive look at what to expect.

Welcome to Lockwood & Co.
lockwood & co. netflix
The trailer for this supernatural thriller series begins with an elderly woman saying, “It’s terrible the world has come to this,” implying that the world is far from a safe place for people. Then a ghost enters the room with the intent of slaughtering someone, and a handsome young man slices it off with a magical sword. Later, we meet Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes), a character who sees a job posting for Lockwood & Co that says, “Agents required for supernatural investigation,” and contacts them to offer her assistance.

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Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman) and George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati) appear to be the only members of the startup, and they enthusiastically welcome their new intern to the agency. They set out on a mission to establish themselves as a startup agency dedicated to solving supernatural cases and vanquishing the ghosts that prey on the weak.

Every Case Is a New Challenge
lockwood and co trailer breakdown
The trio sets out to find ghosts who torment people, and we see Anthony and Lucy draw swords in style, preparing to confront the ghosts. Unfortunately, the duo’s first adventure involves a powerful spirit that neither of them can handle, forcing them to flee for their lives. They eventually deal with it, but their method results in the apartment being burned down, causing the owners to suffer a significant financial loss. When Agent Barnes (Ivanno Jeremiah) learns of the incident, he rushes to the scene and begins questioning Anthony Lockwood, “I don’t enjoy meeting agents who burn homes to the ground. Pay up or get shut down.”

Agent Barnes seems to trust only professionals who handle supernatural cases without committing arson, but Anthony claims that “the big agencies pretend they’ve got things under control,” implying that things are worsening by the day. With their agency on the line, the trio sets out to take on big cases that will help their business get off to a good start and ensure their place as one of the country’s most famous agents. They have no idea, however, that they are in for a world of trouble with this major decision.

Ghosts on a Hunt: Kill or Be Killed
lockwood and co trailer breakdown
The trio eventually finds and pursues a case, but they now have to contend with both real-life criminals and terrifying ghosts, as no one likes competition. The following scenes show Lucy and Anthony battling bureaucratic agents, though it is unclear what role George plays in the film. During their investigation, they come across something they have no idea how serious it is, wrecking chaos in London’s supernatural network and attracting the attention of both other investigative agencies and government officials. Perhaps this is why they were fighting criminals and bureaucratic agents in the previous clip.

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While Agent Barnes warns them about their situation, Lucy declares, “Every ghost in London is out to kill us,” emphasizing how unlucky they are to be against an army of ghosts. They also appear to obtain a mystical artifact that informs them about the way ghosts operate and warns them that “death is coming.” Stuck in a no-win situation, the trio must fight their way out if they want to live and save London, which is about to be consumed by the colossal threat that is about to descend upon the world. As Anthony cites, “There are ghosts, and there’s us. And it’s either kill or be killed.” Despite having no idea how they got themselves into such a crazy situation, the trio begins to look for a way out of the predicament in order to put an end to everything.

The trailer then concludes with a series of incredible stunts in which they constantly battle ghosts and criminals while attempting to prevent something from awakening.

We can deduce from the trailer that while the title alludes to Anthony Lockwood’s investigative agency, Lockwood & Co., the story revolves heavily around Lucy Carlyle. Most of the story’s turning points rely on Lucy, such as when she closes the doors to prevent something sinister from escaping into the world and throws a sword at someone at the end of the trailer. In contrast, the trailer was concise and brief, leaving no room for speculation while conveying the film’s brilliant storytelling.


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