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Here’s what every This Is Us star is doing next

Family time is officially over: NBC’s hit drama This Is Us wrapped up six seasons of feelings, flashbacks, and twists last week. Don’t worry, though, the Pearsons live on. Well, the actors do, and they’ve already lined up their next projects. Some cast members will move on to rival networks, while others will relocate to streamers, the big screen, and even a music venue near you. Let’s flash-forward to their upcoming shows, movies, and tours.

It’s all fun and Game for Justin Hartley
Currently, you’ll find Justin Hartley (Kevin) starring opposite Rebel Wilson in the Netflix comedy film Senior Year, about a 37-year-old woman who awakens from a two-decade coma and returns to high school. “Blaine [Hartley’s character] stayed in the town, but he is now married to someone else — her rival — so there’s a fun flirtation thing there,” Hartley says. “Basically I came in, I acted like a complete jackass for three weeks, I had the time of my life and people just laughed. It was really, really fun, really wonderful.”

Hartley — who will get festive later this year in the Netflix Christmas movie Noel Diary — is also starring in the CBS pilot The Never Game, which is about a reward-seeking survivalist. “It’s a very physical role,” he says. “It’s something so different for me, something I haven’t done in a while. The guy’s an expert tracker, he takes the law into his own hands. He doesn’t have to play by the same rules necessarily that the lawyers and the cops have to play by, and he’s got this mercenary side to him. We also have a lot of levity in our show because he was raised off the grid. He doesn’t get a lot of pop culture references, which lends itself to some hilarious, hilarious comedy.”


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