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Hawkeye Means The MCU Must Revive 1 Spinoff Marvel Unjustly Canceled

One big reveal in Hawkeye means Marvel needs to revive Agents of SHIELD’s canceled Mockingbird spinoff show. The Disney+ show focused on Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) delivered a big twist through Laura Barton (Linda Cardellini). Hawkeye revealed that Laura was a former SHIELD agent, known as Agent 19. The moment held more importance for fans with knowledge of the comics, as the superhero Mockingbird also is known as Agent 19. Since Mockingbird and Hawkeye are married in the comics at times, Hawkeye’s Agent 19 revelation potentially makes Laura Barton the MCU’s Mockingbird.

This is not the first time that Marvel had plans for Mockingbird, though. Years before Hawkeye’s Laura Barton reveal, Adrianne Palicki played Bobbi Morse a.k.a. Mockingbird in Agents of SHIELD. She quickly became a fan-favorite character on the show, so much so that a Mockingbird spinoff show was put into development. Marvel TV and ABC worked on Marvel’s Most Wanted and wrote Palicki’s character out of Agents of SHIELD to set up the spinoff. However, the Mockingbird-led show was canceled after filming the pilot, making her exit from the main series quite disappointing.Thanks to Hawkeye’s Agent 19 twist, the MCU should revive Marvel’s canceled Mockingbird spinoff show idea and put a version of the character at the center of a Disney+ series. The Mockingbird show could be a perfect prequel and sequel to Hawkeye. It would allow the MCU to finally let Linda Cardellini get in on the action and play a younger Laura Barton when she was a SHIELD agent. Marvel Studios would then have a chance to make a new spy-thriller show for Disney+ that could also involve familiar faces, such as Nick Fury, Clint Barton, and Black Widow. The Mockingbird spinoff could also help answer some bigger questions.

Agents of SHIELD fans are still left to debate whether the series is part of the MCU canon, and that has created a big Mockingbird-sized mystery that a Hawkeye spinoff could answer. The series could bring Adrianne Palicki back as Mockingbird and reveal if she and Laura Barton have a pre-existing relationship. There are theories that Laura and Bobbi could be sisters, but Marvel could also take a simpler route to reveal that Bobbi got the Mockingbird title after her friend Laura retired from SHIELD.A Mockingbird show on Disney+ can do more than just appease Agents of SHIELD fans who want to see Palicki return; it could be a vital part of the MCU’s West Coast Avengers setup. Marvel used much of Phase 4 to build up various superhero teams that could help fill the void left by the Avengers, and it appears that establishing a team on the West Coast is part of the plan. Hawkeye had an Easter egg that helps set up the team’s potential headquarters, while various Phase 4 projects introduced characters associated with the West Coast Avengers. In the comics, Mockingbird is a founding member of the team.

Since Laura Barton is retired from her Agent 19 days, bringing Adrianne Palicki’s Mockingbird to the MCU would be a way for the West Coast Avengers to grow. The romance between her and Hawkeye would not work in the shared universe, but Bobbi being his sister-in-law could be another way to give them a close bond. The potential Hawkeye Mockingbird spinoff show would then be a place where White Vision, Moon Knight, Wonder Man, War Machine, and other West Coast Avengers members from the comics could appear before or after they assemble on the big screen.


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