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Grey’s Anatomy corners Meredith to introduce its future stars

With Ellen Pompeo on the countdown to leaving the series, producers spotlighted the new inmates in the 19th-year premiere

The longest-running medical drama in TV history, Grey’s Anatomy kicked off its 19th season in Brazil on Tuesday night (17) with a mission to introduce five characters at once – in the biggest cast transformation the series has ever seen. As Ellen Pompeo is on the countdown to leave the attraction , her Meredith Gray took a backseat and made room for newcomers to shine. With the title Everything Has Changed (Tudo Mudou, in free translation), the debut episode of the new year brought change as the main theme. The plot took a six-month jump so that some problems established at the end of the previous season were resolved more quickly. Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Teddy (Kim Raver), who had to flee Seattle, are back — although their relationship is obviously in turmoil.

The residency program, which ended after Meredith broke all the rules of the Board of Medicine, has since been reinstated. However, because of Gray Sloan Memorial’s bad reputation, the new interns are no longer the top of their classes, and it now operates with students who have not been able to get places in better hospitals. It’s quite a change for Grey’s Anatomy — which started back in 2005 with bright, know-it-all young doctors. Now, the public will accompany “dark horses” trying to prove themselves as competent professionals.

As this is Grey’s Anatomy, the season starts with such a tragedy: a tornado passed through Seattle the day before, leaving a trail of destruction and deaths. The five new interns have the mission of informing the families of victims who suffered brain death about what happened to their relatives. Right off the bat, Lucas Adams ( Niko Terho ) already fails in his mission. He confuses two women and ends up warning the wrong mother about her son’s death. When he tries to untangle the mess, he puts at risk a triple transplant – an extremely rare event that could save the life of a patient very close to Meredith Grey.

Simone Griffin ( Alexis Floyd ), in turn, deals with an internal conflict: she has a negative history with Gray Sloan and faces a panic attack in the hospital that could harm her performance as a future surgeon. Jules Millin ( Adelaide Kane ), in the best soap opera style that conquered Grey’s Anatomy fans, had sex with Link (Chris Carmack) before starting the intern program – a reference to Meredith, who in the series premiere slept with Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), also without imagining that the neurosurgeon would be one of his superiors.

The other two rookies have less to do in their debut in the series: Mika Yasuda ( Midori Francis ), who initially turns out to be a prankster without much treatment for dealing with patients, ends up taking care of one of the few who is not brain dead with the passage of the tornado – and is surprised by humanity itself. And Daniel Kwan ( Harry Shum Jr. ), in the midst of many jokes with Lucas, reveals that he has the nickname “Blue” because he is used to being the best of everything – the question remains as to how he ended up in the “losers program ” by Gray Sloan.

The end of the episode brings two revelations about the newcomers: Lucas is the nephew of Derek and Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) and has to work hard to live up to the fame of the family of doctors, while Simone’s mother died during childbirth in the same hospital what she needs to work on. They are two interesting dramas that can help Grey’s Anatomy fill the gap left by Meredith when she leaves the cast. The 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy airs on Sony Channel, with new episodes airing every Tuesday at 9pm. After each chapter, the paid channel also broadcasts the sixth season of Station 19, a spin-off of the medical drama whose stories are frequently intertwined.


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