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Ways The Plath Family Shocked Welcome To Plathville Fans In 2022

The Plath family had an eventful year, and it’s time to talk about the most shocking Welcome to Plathville events of 2022. Viewers were able to watch the family navigate through conflicts with each other and their significant others. Some of the most shocking moments of the series happened this season.

Many important moments occurred in the latest season. Most fans felt blindsided by Moriah Plath’s breakup with Max Kallschmidt, and were also surprised to discover that he cheated on her. Kim and Barry Plath’s separation also shocked a lot of viewers, as the couple seemed to be on good terms until 2022. There were so many dramatic events during season 4, but the most shocking was Kim and Barry’s divorce, Olivia’s statements about Kim, and Kim’s DUI scandal.Kim and Barry’s divorce came out of nowhere for fans. Kim claimed that she was unhappy in their marriage, and felt restricted as a wife and mother. Many fans took issue with these claims, as Kim was the one who implemented their strict lifestyle. It seemed like she was abandoning her children during their separation, and leaving Barry to take care of things on his own. However, he appears to be recovering, leaving fans to think that Barry may be ready for romance in the future. It is uncertain if Kim is ready for dating too.

This season finally revealed the cause of Kim and Olivia Plath’s falling out. Kim had previously said that Olivia was overreacting to some offhand comments she had made early in Ethan and Olivia’s marriage. Olivia has spoken about several remarks that Kim made about her in the past. For instance, Kim implied that Olivia was evil for drinking, and not obeying the strict Plath lifestyle. However, during season 4, Olivia disclosed a different, more appalling reason. She divulged that before her marriage, Ethan and Kim were in a sort of business together, and alleged that Kim committed credit card fraud by using Ethan’s credit cards without repaying him. The falling out began when Olivia changed the passwords to Ethan’s accounts, and didn’t share them with Kim. Several of the Plath siblings posted a message on social media saying that the allegations were false, but Ethan and Olivia were noticeably silent about the posts.

In 2022, the most shocking moment for Welcome to Plathville fans was Kim Plath’s DUI arrest on October 20. The reality star was open for years about her views on alcohol consumption, so fans didn’t know what to believe when they saw her drinking this season, and her arrest was definitely surprising. Some fans believe that she can move on from her problem with the law. They think that Kim has a chance to redeem herself. However, others believe that she’s a hypocrite.

Welcome to Plathville viewers could never have predicted the events of this season. With all the things that transpired, it is hard to imagine what more the family might go through in future installments. So far, TLC hasn’t renewed the reality show for another season, so fans must wait for new updates about the Plath family.


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