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‘Grace and Frankie’ Prepare Goodbyes In Season 7 Trailer

It was a crazy ride but I’d rather take a crazy ride with you than a normal ride with anybody else.
So says Grace Jane Fonda as she and best roomie Frankie Lily Tomlin prepare for the end of Grace and Frankie Netflix’s longest-running original series. By the time it’s all over this season the comedy from Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris will have made a whopping 94 episodes. The trailer for the seventh and final season that returns April 29 looks back at the good times and those memorable moments when Grace dropped the F-bomb to make an important point. For those who haven’t sampled the laugher that also stars Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston and seriously why have you not? the comedy is about a pair of divorcées masterfully played by Fonda and Tomlin whose husbands left them to marry each other.

Grace and Frankie key art
Grace and Frankie also stars Baron Vaughn Nwabudike Ethan Embry Coyote Brooklyn Decker Mallory June Diane Raphael Brianna Peter Cambor Barry Lindsey Kraft Allison Marsha Mason Arlene Tim Bagley Peter Peter Gallagher Nick Skolka and Christine Woods Jessica. In the last of the four episodes of the comedy that dropped in August Nick was released from prison and placed on house arrest much to the chagrin of Grace who was hoping he’d stay a few more years behind bars. Nwabudike meanwhile was about to get an at-home circumcision by his rabbi while Sol and Robert’s house got burglarized and Coyote decided to sell off his Sacagawea coin so he could buy a house.



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