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Young Royals Ending Explained: Another Season Confirmed?

Young Royals is a Brand new Swedish Teen Netflix series, which is directed by Rojda Sekersöz Erika Calmeyer, a Swedish movie director. Further, there are six episodes in the series. The first episode was released on 1 July 2021. But after the last episode, Fans have a lot of confusion about the ending like “who leaks the tape” and “why Prince Wilhelm didn’t accept the love of Simon”. Although a massive amount of viewers responded positively to the series, many wonder if the show will be renewed for another season. So, unless that happens, the fans are left clueless about the characters’ futures, so here we are to get the ending explained of Young Royals.

Throughout the Young Royals, the series with insight into what happens when a gay teenager is handed the crown and has to choose between his sexuality and his duty as a royal. Prince Wilhelm of Sweden (played by Edvin Ryding) is forced to go to Hillerska Boarding School after reckless behavior, where he attempts to navigate and balance his regal duties with the ups and downs of adolescent life. Further, Each episode focuses on a different aspect of the story. And the last episode of the series offers an unexplainable ending to the story. Further Now, We are going to talk all about the “Young Royals” in this article. And then, we will talk about his unexplainable Ending of the series.Young Royals’ plot opens with a fight in a club; Prince Wilhelm is sent to the boarding school ‘Hillerska’ after his reckless behavior, where his brother crown Prince Erik also studied. Further, Prince Wilhelm starts to enjoy his school life, also making friends in secret societies. But soon, the plot takes a turn, and Prince Wilhelm’s life will be changed entirely.After Crown Prince Erik dies in a car crash, Wilhelm becomes the first-in-line to the throne. But he continues studying at Hillerska. One night, when Simon and Wilhelm are alone, they are secretly filmed by August. August initially looks thoughtfully for a long time at what to do, but he shares it publicly. Due to the video’s leak, an international scandal erupts, and then Prince Wilhelm is forced by queen Kristina to deny being in the video. Wilhelm doesn’t want to deny being in the video because he wants to show his love to Simon. Simon thought Wilhelm was accepting their love. But Eventually, Wilhelm denies it. This Statement leads the two to break up.

In the final scene during their school Christmas ceremony where Simon leads the choir, Wilhelm always loves his voice and wants to see him perform on the stage. When it’s over, Wilhelm hugs him before leaving, admitting that he loves him. Simon wishes him Merry Christmas.


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