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Why The Witous Family’s Visit Showed The Real Meaning of LPBW

Just when Little People, Big World viewers were starting to get annoyed with boring storylines, the Witous family’s introduction changed everything.
Little People Big World stars Tori and Zach Roloff standing with their friends the Witous family on the beach A recent episode of Little People, Big World introduced viewers to Zach and Tori Roloff’s friends the Witous family, and they helped the show find its true meaning again. Viewers have been complaining about the boring and often trivial storylines on Little People, Big World for the last two seasons and have been hoping TLC would change it up for a bit. Luckily, a frank conversation between the two families was exactly what fans needed to feel recharged.

It seems Tori agrees that the episode featuring the Witous family was a step in the right direction. Taking to her Instagram story, she shared a photo of her husband and son, Jackson, bonding over a campfire. More importantly, she included a message, “This is the content I’m here for and what LPBW should be about.” Many Little People, Big World viewers could tell Tori was knocking previous episodes of the show, which have highlighted the feud between Matt and Zach over the sale of the Roloff family farm.After the recent episode of Little People, Big World, Tori took to her Instagram to share that she, too, was happy that TLC decided to showcase a more serious side of living with achondroplasia. The episode showed how Mikey and Jess Witous were coping after losing their twin girls. Both babies were born with a double dominant gene. Since both Mikey and Jess have achondroplasia, there was a 50 percent chance to have a child with achondroplasia, a 25 percent chance the baby would be average size, and a 25 percent chance that the child would inherit one abnormal gene from each parent, which can lead to severe skeletal problems.

As Little People, Big World fans learned, Zach and Tori met the couple in their early days of marriage when attending an LPA conference. Mikey is a teacher who has also dubbed himself “The Fittest Dwarf On Earth.” He can lift four times his body weight and even beat Zach in a beach foot race. Meanwhile, Jess worked as an administrative assistant at the University of Notre Dame. Both enjoy educating others to understand LP’s challenges and contributions to the world. Viewers were moved by the couple’s story and applauded the network for sharing it.

Most recently, Little People, Big World fans threatened to boycott the TLC series after half of an episode was dedicated to Zach and Tori discussing hotdogs and baked beans. Thankfully, the episode featuring the Witous family really caught viewers’ attention, who are now hoping to see more of them. It is also a possibility that TLC was trying to see whether they need a show of their own, but only time will tell.


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