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The Repair Shop viewers in tears following ‘incredibly moving’ fix

The Repair Shop continued with another emotional episode on BBC One on Wednesday night which left viewers both in tears at the guests’ moving stories and in awe of the experts for their incredible work.

The latest instalment saw visitor David Cooke walk through the barn doors hoping to have a ring he gifted to his late wife, Caroline, restored. After Caroline passed away, David wore the ring, which was decorated with colourful jewels, but was left devastated when he lost it during a visit to her graveside. After weeks of searching, he found it in his fireplace, burned and badly damaged.  David told craftsman Dominic Chinea and goldsmith Richard Talman that bringing the colour back to the ring would remind him of his wife.

The experts soon got to work and after a beautiful restoration, they revealed the ring to David, who was overwhelmed by the stunning fix. Bringing the ring up to his lips to kiss it, he looked up towards the ceiling and said: “There you go, Caroline. We got it back for you, girl.”Addressing Richard, he said: “It’s really stunning, I’m taken for words really. You’ve done a great job, mate. Thank you so much. This has been the best day since Caroline passed away 18 months ago, thank you so much.

“She’s with me all the time now and if she was looking down, I’m sure she is, she would be so pleased about this ring,” he added.  Fans were left in tears over the heartwarming moment, with one person writing: “Man alive, what a job he’s done on that ring. Incredibly moving. What an episode of #therepairshop,” while another added: “It just got a bit dusty in here with that ring.” repair-shop-ring


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