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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Every Major Relationship, Ranked Least To Most Successful

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow brings together some of the misfits, rogues, and forgotten heroes from across the Arrowverse. Traveling through time on the Waverider, the team has gotten incredibly close across their multitude of adventures. In these life-and-death situations, romances started to form.

There have been several narrative threads that showcased a range of new couples. Some of the pairings appeared to be questionable at first but evolved into a strong bond over time, while others simply couldn’t survive the escapades that the Legends were experiencing.Val Savage was the very first villain that the team had to face, and indeed the foe that brought the Legends together in the first place. A time traveler and immortal, his own timeline was intertwined with that of Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall. Despite her fate and her link to soulmate Hall, Kendra sought out an alternative life for herself.

She fell in love with the scientist Ray Palmer. They suited up as Atom and Hawkgirl with the rest of the team and even got engaged. It was never meant to be, though, as Kendra’s past and future came calling and she would consequently leave the team to find her true place in the universe.Sara Lance has had more romances than most in the Arrowverse. Debuting on Arrow as a former partner of Oliver Queen, she has gone through many dark and troubling narratives, which have resulted in her eventually becoming the veteran Captain of the Waverider.

The shadows of her history are exactly what attracted John Constantine to her. With a shared past and a mutual understanding, Constantine and the White Canary had a brief and destructive relationship that could clearly never last. Both have moved on to more suitable partners.Nate Heywood has fallen in love multiple times on the Waverider and sadly despite his best efforts, it seems to always end in heartbreak. His first relationship was with Amaya Jiwe, a woman out of time. The hero known as Vixen, she carried the legacy of her family’s Totem with her.

Nate and Amaya created a life together on Earth, even planning to get married in the future. But Amaya realized she was putting her village in danger by not returning to her historical roots. She left to move back home, leaving Nate a note explaining her actions without ever facing him. Her appearance on the Waverider much later was certainly awkward but there was still affection present.


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