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Yellowstone season 5: Real reason Jamie didn’t kill Beth exposed by bunkhouse stars

Yellowstone’s Jamie Dutton had the perfect chance to kill off his adoptive sister Beth after she made a menacing threat in the latest instalment of the Paramount drama.

Jamie (played by Wes Bentley) and Beth Dutton’s (Kelly Reilly) hate-filled relationship reached new heights in the latest episode of Yellowstone season five. After wielding his power to rather smugly help his adoptive sister avoid time behind bars after a bar fight, Jamie made the grave error of revealing to Beth he had a baby boy with ex Christina (Katherine Cunningham). What followed was a chilling and haunting threat from Beth whose resentment towards her brother reared its head in its most volatile way yet. Fans will be all too familiar with the fact Beth’s heartache of not being able to bare children stems from Jamie’s actions in taking her to a clinic when they were teens.

“What the f**k is that?: Beth barked at Jamie after spotting a car seat in the back of his car. “Do you have a child Jamie?” After Jamie came clean about his life away from the Dutton, an inconsolable Beth screamed: “God gave you a boy!” Beth began to strike Jamie, sending the car they were riding home in off-course before Jamie emerged to try and apologise, telling Beth: “Taking you to that clinic is the greatest regret of my life. But Beth wasn’t in a forgiving mood, threatening her brother: “I’m gonna take him from you. Next time you see him you can kiss him goodbye because he’s as good as gone.”

Jamie ran back to the car with a murderous look on his face and as Beth walked away, he drove straight at her only to change course at the last second. The hurt clearly runs deep between both but with Jamie seemingly having the perfect chance to take out Beth in what could be deemed as a desperate act to protect his child, fans and now the cast has come forward with their reasons as to why he avoided this outcome. Speaking on Paramount’s Stories from the Bunkhouse, Jefferson White, Ian Bohen and Denim Richards toyed with the reasoning.

He’s got the opportunity to take her out. Why doesn’t he do it?” Bohen put to his cast mates. Because we’ve established that he’s a killer, fully capable, and it’s not his real sister.” Richards was the first to put forward his explanation: “Maybe it’s because at that moment he needs to prove to himself that he’s not what they think he is. Bohen explained his own theory: “He knows that she’s the only one that can save the ranch. So no matter how much he hates her, and this is what I hope the answer is, he loves the ranch more than he hates her.

If he kills Beth, he destroys everything he’s really been working for. White then divulged what he felt was the real reason behind Jamie’s sudden change of heart, adding: “I also think that if he kills Beth, some selfish part of him knows he’s throwing his own life away. There’s a lot of evidence connecting him to where Beth is at that moment, Rip (Cole Hauser) is never gonna accept that. Jamie’s had no problem killing to save his own skin before, taking out biological dad Garrett Randall (Will Patton) and journalist Sarah Nguyen (Michaela Conlin) in the past. So will Beth be next if she acts on her threat of taking his son away from him?


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