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Is Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19 new tonight on ABC, December?

Is Grey’s Anatomy new tonight on ABC? Are we going to be seeing the show alongside Station 19 after the Thanksgiving break.

We don’t have to tell most of you out there, but absolutely there is a case for more great stuff from both of these shows right now! When it comes to Grey’s Anatomy, for example, we’re looking to the departure of Meredith Grey. We know that it’s happening within the next new episode. Meanwhile, Station 19 has a pretty epic cliffhanger of its own in the state of Maya, who passed out while using the treadmill in the last new episode. We are cautiously optimistic that she will be alive when the show comes back, but nothing is guaranteed in this world.

Unfortunately, here is where we come with some of the bad news — there is no new episode of either show tonight. Not only that, but there won’t be installments for the rest of the year. For ABC right now, the top priority is airing holiday specials and then preparing for the new year. We actually aren’t going to have new episodes until February, and that is what will make the wait all the more frustrating.

Our hope, at least for the time being, is that come late January or early February, we are going to start to have some other information all about what lies ahead. Of course, a part of that is tied to the two stories that we mentioned earlier, but there is also other stuff coming at the same time. There is a lot to look forward to here and in the end, we just gotta see where the writers take us. Hopefully, viewers do come back and for the medical drama in particular, they stick around even without having Meredith as a part of this world.

What do you want to see on Grey’s Anatomy as well as Station 19 when the show comes back?
Be sure to share right away in the comments, and come back for all sorts of other news as we move forward. (Photo: ABC.)


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