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The Worst Things Brian Griffin Has Ever Done On Family Guy

On January 31, 1999, Seth MacFarlane introduced “Family Guy,” a show about a family living in Rhode Island where chaos is an everyday occurrence. Over the years, the several characters that MacFarlane voices including the dim-witted protagonist Peter Griffin, the evil genius infant Stewie, and the family’s talking dog, Brian …

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The Good Doctor Season 6’s Lim Storyline is True Medical Drama

The Good Doctor Season 6 has struck the perfect balance between compelling medical aspects and personal exploration with Dr. Audrey Lim’s storyline. Many medical dramas spend more time delving into interpersonal relationships than the medicine. ABC’s The Good Doctor has proven it can strike the perfect balance between compelling medical …

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Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Sets January Release Date

Netflix is set to return to the hallowed halls of Valhalla very soon. The streamer revealed that its medieval epic series Vikings: Valhalla returns for Season 2 just after the New Year on January 12. With it comes more of the adventures of legendary explorer Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett), his …

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