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“Zero regrets.” Jennifer Aniston talks about not being able to be a mother

Much has been speculated about Jennifer Aniston s decision not to have children. Ever since she married Brad Pitt in 2000 everyone was eagerly awaiting her pregnancy announcement but it never happened. Ten years after her controversial divorce the Friends actress believed in love again by marrying fellow actor Justin Theroux but that marriage only lasted two years and they also had no children. Now after more than two decades of criticism and rumours the actress has commented that she has zero regrets as she did everything in her power to become a mother but unfortunately the ship he has already leftfor her although now she is much calmer knowing that she can finally reveal her truth.

In an interview given to the magazine Allure Jennifer Aniston confessed that she tried for a long time to get pregnant so she underwent several in vitro fertilization IVF procedures but in none of the occasions did she succeed work. He was 30 years old at the time and went through very difficult times. I was trying to get pregnant . It was a challenging road for me to make babies. Likewise the actress explained that she wished someone had told her she could freeze her eggs but at the time IVF was the best treatment for her although she also tried homeopathic and traditional Chinese medicine. All the years and years of speculation… It was really hard. I was going through IVF drinking Chinese teas which was out he confessed in the chat.

In the interview the actress of The Morning Show indicated that the media has always been cruel to all women in the entertainment industry who for one reason or another have not had children. According to his statements in his case a narrative was generated that I was simply selfish and that I only cared about my career. And God forbid that a woman should be successful and not have a child . In addition she denied all the rumors that claimed that Brad Pitt had asked her for a divorce after not being able to get pregnant. It was an absolute lie. I have nothing to hide at this point.

Looking back on all the years she suffered in silence Aniston says she has zero regrets about trying to get pregnant through IVF although she says she wished she had known about other more innovative methods at the time: I would have given anything for someone to have said to me Freeze your eggs. Do yourself a favor. You just dont think about it. So here I am today … the ship has sailed .

Now the Hollywood star has confessed that she is relieved to be at an age where she wont be judged for not getting pregnant and finds it liberating to never have to think about motherhood again. I spent so many years protecting my IVF story. Im very protective about these issues because I feel like theres very little I can keep to myself. I feel like Im coming out of hibernation. I have nothing to hide she said . .


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