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‘The Good Doctor’: season 5 starts in Cuatro

There was a long wait but finally, in November 2022, Mediaset decided to recover one of the international series that has brought it the most joy in recent years, The Good Doctor. The broadcast had been interrupted and a few weeks ago it began airing the remaining episodes of season 4 . Well, the time of the end has arrived. On Wednesday, November 30 (10:50 p.m.) this batch marked by Lea’s pregnancy comes to an end.

But let no fan of the series be sad, because this time Mediaset has decided to broadcast in continuity the closing of the fourth batch followed by the start of season 5 of The Good Doctor . For this reason, we specify when and where you can see that first episode, so that no one misses it.

The Good Doctor : premiere of season 5 open in Spain
Once again, Cuatro will be the chain in charge of offering the beginning of season 5 of The Good Doctor openly. In the same way that in the channel’s prime time section the fourth round ends, then, at around 11:55 p.m., and starting the late night slot, we will see that chapter 1 of the fifth installment of the series.

Titled as New Beginnings , in this episode we will find out that Shaun and Lea’s upcoming engagement party has everyone in a good mood after their return from Guatemala. Meanwhile, a young single mother discovers that her son may have contracted cancer, and Lim offers Mateo a job at St. Bonaventure.

Of course, as we know that The Good Doctor is an addictive series, for those who can’t wait to find out how season 5 continues, we recommend you go through the platforms Amazon Prime Video and Netflix , which already have all the episodes of the fifth batch available. , and even on AXN, where the most advanced broadcast is still, since the sixth season premiered on October 11.


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