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Blake Lively stunned with an unusual choice of manicure

Blake Lively opted for an unusual floral manicure reminiscent of brocade tapestries from the 1970s.

Although manicures in seasonal foncé shades such as deep red burgundy and strawberry purple are usually popular in winter the best nail artists draw inspiration not only from nature but also from art music fashion and architecture. American actress Blake Lively surprisingly draws her personal inspiration for manicure from wallpaper.

Her nails were inspired by floral wallpaper from the 1970s.

The actress posted a photo on Instagram of her freshly manicured nails which were oval shaped and decorated with floral nail art in a combination of mustard burgundy pink and green tones which she called grandmas vintage wallpaper. She also thanked renowned manicurist Elle Gerstein for the new design which despite reminding us of hardtosee wallpaper and sofas from the 70s the actress was sure would look wonderful on her. You could say these are granny nails perfected updated for 2022.

In the post Blake Lively tagged House of Hackney a British decor fashion and lifestyle brand known for its prints hinting that the client and expert were based on one of the brands backgrounds. Although there are countless different designs available on the brands website we think this is probably the Aurora wallpaper in chartreuse which pays homage to Chinese orientalism and has a similar color palette. The next time you visit the nail salon or your favorite professional let your imagination run wild because inspiration is everywhere and try to think outside the box.


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