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Cancelled Arrowverse Shows Get A Future in the Comics

Fans of the Arrowverse were upset when they heard some of their favorite shows were canceled. But luckily, the future of some of these heroes lies in DC Comics.

All the Arrowverse shows, including Supergirl, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, the Flash, and Superman and Lois, got in-continuity stories with a recent release of comic books. Each story was relatively standalone, but they all interlocked for the series finale which had the villainous Magog arrive on earth. These stories were awesome for fans of the shows as they introduced new characters such as Batwoman’s Clayface as well as bringing old fan favorite characters back like Wally West, Ray Palmer, and Heatwave.

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An awesome part about the finale in Earth-Prime: Hero’s Twilight #6 by Jeff Hersh, Thomas Pound, and Will Robson is that it takes place in the future where Flash characters XS and Impulse are active heroes. Despite not being allowed to engage Magog, they do it anyway. Unsurprisingly, they are unable to defeat this powerful villain by themselves and other heroes arrive to help. This includes Batwoman and Supergirl. Since the story takes place in the future, Batwoman and Supergirl are both wearing new and updated versions of their classic costumes to reflect their growth and the change in times.

supergirl in earth prime
The two characters’ appearance here should serve as morale boost for fans. Supergirl ended last year while Batwoman was recently canceled. But since these stories are considered in canon and both Supergirl and Batwoman arrived in costume to help, it confirms the fact that both of these heroes remain active in their superhero activities well into the future. This glimpse might not be enough to confirm their return to any Arrowverse shows, but at least it’s a comforting thought for fans knowing that the heroes don’t quit shortly after their shows end.

It’s become extremely common for shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly to continue telling stories with their characters in comic form after their shows end. Fanbases don’t just go away after a show concludes. The Arrowverse is no different. The Flash as well as Superman and Lois continue telling stories within that world. It’s unknown if Batwoman or Supergirl will ever make an appearance in a crossover, but if this comic is a success maybe DC may continue exploring these two Arrowverse characters futures as other shows have in the past.


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