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Home and Away’s season finale trailer teases shock twist at fan favourite Felicity’s wedding

Channel Sevens Home and Away is headed for a season cliffhanger that could leave viewers heartbroken. A new trailer reveals that fan favourite Felicity played by Jacqui Purvis gets a case of last minute jitters which could leave Tane Ethan Browne waiting at the alter. Meanwhile just as friends and family rally to try and save the day Felicity may find herself a victim of sinister forces.

The dramatic featurelength season finale will screen 7.00pm Monday 28 November on Channel 7 and 7plus. Among the shocking moments previewed is a scene in which a freakedout Felicity already fitted out in her wedding dress screams about breaking Tanes heart. One highlight featured in the new preview shows Felicitys best friend and bridesmaid Eden Stephanie Panozzo offering the nervous bridetobe some words of comfort. Later Felicity is driving off in her dads Ute which is decorated for the wedding. Another scene hints that the car may have been tampered with as friends and family gathered for the nuptials anxiously await Felicitys arrival.

An earlier teaser hints theres plenty of trauma in store for the folks of Summer Bay as storylines finish up in the traditional end of season cliffhanger style. Fans will find out whether a true romance for Cash Nicholas Cartwright will finally emerge with Eden Stephanie Panozzo. Meanwhile the romantic storyline between Bree Juliet Godwin and Remi appears to be headed for tragedy. Bree looks like she may end a kidnap victim at the hands of her violent exhusband Jacob.

It follows as Home and Away was revealed to be a major moneyspinner in Australian media exports earlier this year. The longrunning series brought in a staggering $1billion worth of export revenue to Australia since it began in 1988 according to a new report by economics firm ACIL Allen. The much loved show has steadily employed between 1500 to 2000 people a year in front of and behind the camera. And 33 per cent of viewers in the UK Ireland and New Zealand said the show increased their desire to visit Australia.


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