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Yellowstone Season 5: Relive Beth Dutton Savagely Roasting That Bozo At The Bar – “Bravo,You F*cking Hypocrite”

Time and time again since the first season of Yellowstone, we’ve seen Beth Dutton display a relentless and brutal personality that can strike to fear of God into any grown man’s eyes. Seriously, I’m pretty convinced that if Beth Dutton were a real person and you looked her straight in the eyes, you’d simply turn to stone.

She’d be a real life Medusa. We’ve seen a number of changes throughout the first four seasons of Yellowstone. and now the first few episodes of season five, but Beth’s personality hasn’t changed, and it never will. With that being said, Yellowstone is giving us the opportunity to relive one of the most brutal trolls I’ve ever heard in my life And I’m talking about her encounter with a random dude at a bar, who dared to make a move on her in season five episode two. At the beginning of the scene, the man asks for a “Trout Slayer” drink. He then proceeds to turn to Beth and asks Care for a Trout Slayer?” She asks him if he’s been “slaying trout?,” and he responds saying he’s been mountain biking.

He then says, “Didn’t expect to see you dressed like that Montana,” and she says she’s working. And when he asks what kind of work, that’s when all hell breaks loose. Let me guess, world went a little wacko, no longer cool to boink the co-eds, so you decide ‘F*ck the city,’ you get a nice little place in Bozeman ’cause, well, it’s your favorite place to ski. And now you teach Zoom classes from the living room of your creek side cabin, and you lecture about inequity, and the concentration of wealth and how it’s decimating the middle class, all while you draw your six-figure salary, and finance your dream home with a loan from the university that is 275 basis points below the loans your students need to take out to listen to this bullshit.


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