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Who Is the Show Candy Based On: Is It True!

Being a stayathome spouse might get boring in real life. So it makes sense that a housewife in the 1980s could look for a little excitement to change things up. It gets less comprehensible though when the housewife decides to fix the problem by axing her neighbor or friend to death. Aside from that it does make for a disturbing and intriguing premise in Candy a new series on Hulu. The series which debuted on Hulu on May 9 2022 is the most recent true crime thriller to enthrall viewers.

Candy Montgomery is played by Jessica Biel who gives a standout performance. Melanie Lynskey plays Betty Gore Pablo Schreiber plays Allan Gore and Timothy Simons plays Pat Montgomery to support her. In the show viewers try to understand how Candy a seemingly innocent suburban housewife killed Betty her best friend and nextdoor neighbor. Candy is a show that effectively uses drama while also delving into criminality. The story goes back in time to discover Candys motivations as she is accused. What caused Candy to murder her companion one day while she was taking a break from her church activities? Candy throws herself headfirst into this incredibly sinister and horrifying story of friendship treachery and murder.

Is Candy Based on A RealLife Event?

Candy is based on the tragic reallife account of Betty Gores murder. Allan Gore who was traveling for work on June 13th 1980 grew worried when he couldnt reach his wife. He made a call to Candy Montgomery the neighbor who lives next door and is watching his older daughter. She gave him the reassurance that Betty was okay but Allan afterward sent a different neighbor to see if Betty was okay. Gores infant daughter was sobbing in her bed when the neighbor entered the home. Bettys body was recovered further down the hall. She had been brutally slain and had endured 41 axe blows. Even more surprising than her passing was the accuser—Candy a neighbor and close friend of Betty.

The Truth About Candy Explained

In Kansas in the 1950s Candy was born Candace Wheeler. She briefly lived on her own as a young woman and worked as a secretary but she always wanted to be married and have children. In 1970 when she wed her husband Pat Montgomery her wish came true. They were able to move into their ideal home in Wylie Texas and support their two children a son and a daughter thanks to Pats engineering career and good income. On the outside Candy appeared to be a dedicated wife a caring mother and a pillar of the neighborhood. Candy however was not content.

She yearned for the kind of thrill her marriage couldnt provide her because she was bored unfulfilled and restless. She started to fantasize about having an affair outside of marriage. She noticed Betts husband Allan Gore at a church volleyball match. She hurried over to him and inquired about his desire to begin an affair. The offer shocked Allan a married father of two but he instantly accepted it. Candy kept her friendship with Allans wife Betty despite the fact that she was having an affair with him.

Betty and Allan however each had their own problems. Teacher Betty was dealing with many of the same difficulties as Candy. She was worried and depressed. She may have been experiencing postpartum depression at the time which wasnt wellknown at the time and her marriage was in trouble. As a result Allan and Candy started dating in December 1978 and they remained together until October 1979. It was reportedly a mutual choice to put an end to the relationship and put their individual marriages and families first.

What Led Candy to Kill Betty?

Investigators focused on Candy right away after the murder. She was named as the main suspect and accused of killing Betty after Allan acknowledged having an affair with her in the past. Candy asserted in her testimony that she acted in selfdefense. Candy had made the decision to run a quick errand to Bettys house while watching the Gores older daughter. She stated that Betty confronted her about her relationship with Allan after they arrived.

She went on to say that after she had apologized and informed Betty that the relationship was over Betty grew upset and attempted to harm her with an axe. Betty was able to wrestle the axe from Candy who afterward turned on Betty. She swung the axe at Betty at least 41 times in a fit of wrath. She then took a shower in the Gores home to clean off the blood. She then left the house leaving Gores infant daughter sobbing in her cot unattended in order to take part in the days church events.

Where Is Candy Right Now?

Surprisingly Candy received no jail time for killing Betty. Her claim of selfdefense was recognized by the jury and she was found not guilty. This was partly due to Texas Stand Your Ground statute which declares that if one feels sufficiently threatened one has the right to use lethal force. After her trial Candy and Pat left Texas and a few years later they got divorced. Ironically Candy now collaborates with her daughter Jenny as a mental health counselor. Between Bettys passing and Candys trial Allan got remarried. He did however give his inlaws custody of both of his daughters.

Candys case is undoubtedly controversial as a result of her acquittal for murder. Despite her claims of selfdefense her testimony was flawed. She had already been successful in taking the axe from her and lessening the threat so why would she assault Betty? Why did she pretend to be innocent and make an effort to hide her tracks after killing Betty? 41 blows isnt a reasonable amount of force to use in selfdefense is it? Strangely there wasnt much proof that Betty was aware of the relationship either. Betty had been having an affair for seven months but she never confronted Allan about it or otherwise let him know.

In the end only Candy truly understands what took on that day. The contentious aspects of her case though make it a compelling one for TV adaptations. Candy on Hulu is more than just a recounting of a reallife crime. The history of American womens suffrage which has often resulted in extreme loneliness and melancholy is examined. Marriage extramarital relationships parenthood and the definition of selfdefense are also discussed.


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