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When Did Max And Moriah Start Dating?

Max And Moriah: Max revealed their breakup on his YouTube channel, confirming the rumors about Moriah and Max’s breakup. Season 4 of Welcome To Plathville premieres on May 17, 2022, and believe us when we say you don’t want to miss it.

The Plath family’s most recent drama, such as the breakup of Moriah and Max, is expected to fill this season. The entirety of Max’s material, including his separation from Moriah and his most recent therapy, is contained in his film.When Moriah brought Max home to meet her parents for the first time in season two of Welcome To Plathville, they became close. Based on what we saw on screen, they appeared to be as content as ever and still going strong in season 3.

Max promised to marry Moriah in the future and handed her a promise ring. Viewers assumed Moriah’s transfer to Florida would lead to a happily ever after, but this appeared to be the start of their issues.The two decided to take a break from one another after some difficulty. After a month, Moriah agreed to stop their relationship while remaining friends. Despite skipping season 4, Max will appear in episode 2. The episode description, “I Took Things A Little Too Far,” states that Micah meets with Max to discuss what transpired.

Why Did Max And Moriah Split Up?

After noticing Max and Moriah’s absence of communication on one other’s social media accounts, many began to speculate that the couple had broken up. After his success on the TLC program, Max started his YouTube channel. In February 2022, he utilized his medium to update fans on his relationship with Moriah and to detail how they broke up. Max admitted to viewers that the two were frequently at odds and didn’t enjoy residing with Ethan and Olivia. He also dispelled the rumors that he had cheated on Moriah by admitting he had “crossed certain limits.”


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