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What is festivus? The holiday made popular by Seinfeld and how Scrooges can celebrate it

Christmas can often be a stressful time for many with some ‘Bah Humbugs’ pointing out how it’s become more of a commercial holiday than a traditional one. Fortunately there is an annual holiday just for them.

For those less enthused about the magic of Christmas insert festivus. Festivus is a secular holiday which offers an alternative to the pressures of the Christmas season. For those who look at Christmas as less of a traditional time and more of a commercial holiday festivus would be more up their alley. The day is celebrated on December 23 by those who want to embrace their inner Bah Humbug. But what is festivus and how do you celebrate it?

The Seinfeld link
The term festivus was made public thanks to a Seinfeld episode entitled The Strike. Series writer Dan O’Keefe used inspiration from his childhood experiences to include the unlikely holiday in the hit TV series after his father invented the holiday back in the 1960s. Speaking about his unusual upbringing and even stranger annual holiday O’Keefe said in an interview with the Associated Press As a kid we’d come home and there’d be weird decorations. There was the playing of strange German and Italian pop music from the Fifties. And the airing of grievances was a real thing.

How to celebrate festivus

According to O’Keefe and the Seinfeld episode instead of a festivelooking Christmas tree an aluminium pole which is decorationfree is used instead. This is because tinsel is too distracting says Frank Costanza in the Seinfeld episode. For grub there will be no turkey with all the trimmings but rather meatloaf.

In addition to no Christmas tree or traditional food there is also the airing of grievances which involves family members airing their dirty laundry and discussing any pentup feelings of hostility they may have towards another family member. Hmm no different to a traditional family Christmas then.This is then followed by a feats of strength wrestling match requiring one family member to pin down the family patriarch or host by a guest to summon the end to the bizarre ritual that is known as festivus. Journalist Allen Salkin describes it as the perfect secular theme for an allinclusive December gathering. Regardless of what you may call it it’s the perfect nontraditional holiday for the Scrooges out there.


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