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What Does Emma Roberts Think Of Her Ex Evan Peters’ Success?

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters didn’t end things off on the best of terms.

For seven years, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts were one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood. The media was fascinated by their on-and-off relationship, which included an engagement that was called off multiple times.It’s been years since they broke up, but Evan has been everywhere thanks to his role in Netflix’s huge hit Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer. There’s no doubt that Emma has heard a lot about her ex in the wake of his new success, prompting fans to wonder how she feels about his dark role. Here’s what we know about Emma’s current feelings towards Evan.

Filming ‘Monster’ Took Evan Peters To A Dark Place
Evan Peters was already a successful actor before Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer, but the hit Netflix show has put him on everybody’s radar. People can’t get over how good his creepy performance of the serial killer was.Even though Evan has had a breakthrough in his career, Emma hasn’t commented on her ex’s recent success. That’s not to say she isn’t happy for him. But these two haven’t commented on their relationship since their break-up, and even while together denied divulging details. So, it’s not surprising Emma hasn’t recently publicly discussed her ex to the media.

But there is reason for Emma (and others) to worry about Evan’s latest role. Evan has admitted filming took him to a dark place. He had to immerse himself in the gory details of Dahmer’s crimes to prepare to portray the killer. He continued, “But in order to do that, I was going to have to go to really dark places and stay there for an extended period of time.Evan admitted there were specific people on his team in charge of monitoring him to ensure his mental health stayed in check.

I have to say that the crew was instrumental in keeping me on the guard rails, I cannot thank them enough and I could not have done any of this role with them,” he added. “It was a challenge to try to have this person who was seemingly so normal but underneath all of it, had this entire world that he was keeping secret from everybody.”

Emma Roberts Didn’t Comment On Evan Peters’ Recent Success
Many fans were rooting for Evan and Emma’s relationship, since they’d become fan favorites after playing onscreen love interests on American Horror Story. But the young actors had a turbulent relationship, which even made headlines for domestic abuse.

The pair were first romantically linked in 2012 after filming Adult World together, and they went on to be on-and-off for the next seven years before breaking up for good in 2019. But early on in their relationship, the couple proved to have a toxic dynamic after Emma was arrested for domestic violence in Montreal in July 2013. Police were called to their hotel room after an argument escalated between the pair. Reports said authorities found Evan with a bloody nose and bite marks. Though they arrested Emma on the scene, her representative denied violence. Charges weren’t pressed and the couple were seen back together shortly after.

The following year, Evan and Emma got engaged, only to call it off in 2015. But months after ending their engagement, the duo were seen spending time together, sparking reconciliation rumors. The pair broke up and got back together several times after, only to officially call off their years-long engagement in March 2019. That same month, Emma was spotted kissing actor Garrett Hedlund. While there was some speculation Emma and Garrett’s romance blossomed while she was still with Peter, neither she nor her ex have commented on the rumors.

Emma Moved On And Had A Baby With Someone Else
It’s been year since Evan and Emma’s break-up, so it’s likely that her ex’s newfound popularity isn’t top of her mind. The pair have both accomplished a lot of things career-wise and in terms of their personal life.

Emma’s romance with Garrett turned serious when they announced she was pregnant in 2020. The actress gave birth to a son, Rhodes, in December of the same year. However, sources denied that marriage was an immediate priority for Garrett and Emma. During Emma’s pregnancy, Garrett had been navigating serious legal troubles, after being charged for two DUI offenses earlier in the year. The couple eventually broke up in early 2022, and are now co-parenting their son.

For Evan’s part, he’s been linked to a number of famous women since his 2019 break-up with Emma. He was linked to Halsey shortly after splitting with Emma. But they appeared to break-up after the singer removed all traces of Evan from her social media accounts in 2020. For now, however, it appears that both Evan and Emma are single. But despite their on-and-off history, there’s little to suggest these exes will ever reconcile again.


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