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The Winchesters leave fans in tears with emotional scene

Spinoff of Supernatural, The Winchesters deals with character death in recent episode

The series The Winchesters, produced by the CW and a spin-off of Supernatural , already debuted with its first season and one scene in particular left fans heartbroken. The creature in this sixth episode is a vengeful spirit inspired by a true Caribbean myth. However, in addition to angry ghosts, we also get to witness John (Drake Roger) dealing with his anger issues, particularly from having served in the military.

However, before the episode dives into John confronting himself and the gang taking on a soucouyant, there’s a visit with an old family friend of Mary’s (Meg Donnelly). Unfortunately, it’s only due to the death of another hunter, which leads the gang to attend a memorable funeral. And it was at this painful point in the episode that fans couldn’t help but cry.

Scene brings tears to tears from The Winchesters fans
The Winchesters gang heads to the farm of Tracy (Audrey Marie Anderson), a hunter who used to team up with Mary’s mother. It turns out that Tracy’s hunter friend Darla (Jacquie Schmidt) has been murdered and left in Tracy’s barn.

What follows is probably the most devastating and beautiful scene of the series, as everyone holds a special slayer funeral for Darla. It was enough to bring some fans to tears. Part of what makes the cutscene so difficult is some of the more subtle action. For example, Tracy carefully cleans Darla’s wounds with a towel and water and tells her deceased friend that she can rest now. Some even remembered the end of Supernatural, which made everything even more exciting. The Winchesters is available on HBO Max .


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