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The important role that Emma Watson rejected in her career

The actress Emma Watson told what role she had to reject from a popular film released in 2016. We tell you everything Emma Watson confirmed some old rumors about her decision not to have made a popular musical film in 2016. It is about La La Land . There have always been rumors about the possibility that she was the protagonist of the story and, finally, she confirmed it in a recent interview on Sirius MX .

Initially, she and Miles Teller were the actors chosen to be the faces of the couple in the Damien Chazelle musical. Ultimately, she ended up in the performances of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling who swept that year’s awards season. It’s one of those frustrating moments when there are different names being attached to a project to create anticipation or excitement about something that’s coming up, but it’s not agreed or confirmed ,” he said. Apparently, the reason Watson turned down the role was because he had already committed to Disney ‘s production of Beauty and the Beast , the live-action version of the story.

What do you think, moviegoers?
Daniel Radcliffe, JK Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter saga; and Emma Watson; they fired the great Robbie Coltrane.


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