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Spy x Family Episode 21 Shares First Look

Spy x Family is winding down its first season, and it seems the show promises to end the year with a bang. After all, the Forger Family has a flair for the dramatics, and they are going to need to prove their love to others when episode 21 goes live. After all, Agent Twilight will find himself under harsh scrutiny when Spy x Family returns, and we have our first look at the episode to see what’s in store for the guy. As you can see below, a slew of stills was shared earlier today by the Spy x Family team. It was there episode 21 laid bare some of its secrets, and they don’t spell out anything good for Anya. In fact, it seems Twilight’s coworker has rubbed Anya the wrong way, and that spells disaster for the Forger Family.

What We Know So Far
The first still shows Bond looking rather horrified by something, and we can only assume the pup is reacting to Twilight’s spy colleague. Episode 21 will introduce Fiona to the fandom at large, after all, and the stoic spy is the best of the best. As one of Twilight’s own proteges, Fiona accepts nothing less than the best, and she may harbor a small crush on the man to boot. Of course, that is why Anya looks horrified in her own still. The girl knows what the spy is thinking, and we’re sure Fiona is not too happy about Yor slipping into Twilight’s life. This is made all the more clear in the third shot where the three adults are pictured together. And in the fourth shot, well – it is safe to say Fiona looks downright dangerous as she appears to walk through an interrogation floor of some sort.


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