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Shameless cast: Where are they now?

Shameless was one of the best series to have ever come to Showtime. The 2011 series quickly became a fan favorite for various reasons. Be it highlighting the trials and tribulations that come with having alcoholism or showcasing the true consequences of gentrification, fans could always count on Shameless to discuss the difficult topics uniquely.

Ten years later, the show took its final bow in 2021, making it one of the longest-running Showtime original series to this day. But while fans were celebrating this landmark, they were also heartbroken by the reality that they would no longer be able to see Emmy Rossum, Jeremy Allen White, and all the rest of the show’s talented actors on their screen. Although Shameless being off-air is still the case, we believe that fans would be happy to know that these actors are all still booked and busy, so it’s likely that they’ll see their favorites once again.

Where is the cast of Shameless today?
William H. Macy For his role as the annoying but troubled alcoholic, Frank Gallagher, William H. Macy won many awards, including the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series and the Satellite Awards for Best Actor. It’s safe to assume Macy will receive even more accolades in the future, especially because his character Richard Fuisz in the riveting Hulu original series The Dropout delivered quite the amazing performance.

Jeremy Allen White
Jeremy Allen White killed it when he played Lip Gallagher, the reliable older brother who, deep down was a tortured soul. His ability to portray such a dynamic character caught the attention of many, hence why he’s gone on to star in titles like The Birthday Cake and The Bear. In addition to these roles, he stars as Smiler in his most recent project, You Can’t Win, which is currently in post-production.

Ethan Cutkosky

Ethan Cutkosky is another one of the four Gallagher brothers. His character, Carl, had one of the most unexpected transformations in the series. From being a wild, rambunctious kid to growing up to being a (kind of) upstanding citizen, fans came to adore him massively. So much so that they couldn’t get enough of him in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Alex/October, his latest projects post-Shameless. Fans will be delighted to know that Cutkosky will star as Otis in Going Places alongside All American actor Spence Moore II.

Emma Kenney
We couldn’t possibly mention Carl without mentioning his polar opposite, Debbie Gallagher who was played by 22-year-old actress Emma Kenney. Similar to her former co-stars, Kenney is clearly not skipping a single beat in the acting industry as she has gone on to star in various pretty successful titles. She found the most success starring as Harris Conner-Healy in the comedy series The Conners. However, we’re sure she’s going to find more fame in Murder at Yellowstone City and Growing up Gorman, two of her many titles on the way soon.

Cameron Monaghan

Ian Gallagher was, arguably, the best Gallagher sibling. Not just because of his intriguing personality, but also because he was being played by an exceptionally talented actor. Cameron Monaghan playing so skillfully made him a shoo-in for his role as Chris Decker in the 2022 thriller, Shattered. Monaghan wowed audiences with his raw emotional reactions to the revelation that the woman his character Chris fell in love with is a rather deranged individual who is the enemy of all. Because of his talent, he went on to secure even more roles, so be sure to keep an eye out for him in his projects Paradise Highway and My Love Affair with Marriage.

Noel Fisher
Ian’s on-again-off-again relationship with Mickey Milkovich was one of our favorite aspects of the 2011 series. Canadian actor Noel Fisher helped with this choice because his performance made it nearly impossible to not keep our eyes on him the entire time. Mickey was snarky and often ruthless, but he was also extremely caring, especially when it came to Ian. Knowing how well he played this role, we’re dying to see Fisher star in something once again. But we’re also fine with the actor posting his nature walks on his Instagram. After all, rest is super important, too.

Steve Howey
After bidding a farewell to his character Kevin “Kev” Ball in Shameless, Steve Howey is off receiving loads of other amazing opportunities. So far, Howey is confirmed to play the role of Harry in the upcoming TV series True Lies. Additionally, he’s set to star in the 2022 Netflix title Day Shift alongside Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg. This is a gig that we believe without a shadow of a doubt will help him land even more great roles!

Shanola Hampton
Without a doubt, there is no Kev without Veronica. Shanola Hampton played fans’ favorite woman in Shameless. Her ability to portray a character who is extremely supportive of everyone around her but quick to put everyone in their place was definitely a sight to see. What’s more, she’s as radiant as she is on camera in real life. Although we’ve always known Hampton was destined for greatness, we’re glad to know others have the same faith in her. Now, she’s booked and busy with her latest projects, Unfound and Dangerous Moms.

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum, who played elder sister Fiona Gallagher, is putting her one-of-a-kind talent to work. The upcoming miniseries Angelyne is Rossum’s latest project. In the title, she stars as Angelyne, a woman who causes quite the stir in Hollywood for her charm, her controversy, and, of course, her good looks. Check out the trailer for the Peacock series below. Shameless may be over, but the legacy of this hit TV show will last forever thanks to the many talented actors and actresses who brought this Showtime series to life.


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