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SEAL Team season 7 renewal: How long could the wait be?

At this point, it’s all the more clear that the hunger is out there for a SEAL Team season 7 at Paramount+. How could anyone be surprised about this? We’re talking here about an enormously popular show that shines a light on very important subjects. There isn’t another program out there that takes as serious a dive into the world of active-duty military and what men and women go through both inside and away from the job. It’s clear that fans want a renewal; meanwhile, we also think that Paramount+ would like it. The final decision really comes down to whether or not the show is considered profitable enough, and that is the unfortunate reality of business in this business. Sometimes, dollar signs can get in the way of air.

For the sake of this article, we do want to get back to the question in the title: Just how long could we be waiting for news? We know that Paramount+ doesn’t have to share a specific timeline publicly, and they could just opt to figure this out at their own pace if they really wanted to. One thing that is very much important to remember right now is that season 6 was ordered in February, and that means the streaming service still has more than a couple of months to figure things out and still get the show back on the air next fall. That’s without even considering the possibility of a movie, which was bandied about previously and we haven’t heard too much about it since. The rest of the year, pending a surprise announcement, will be spent with Paramount+ gauging the numbers, seeing the financial viability in another season, and then looking at the rest of their schedule. There are so many components that go into all of this and at the end of the day, we just have to hope for the best. Of course, rest assured we’ll have more insight the moment we have it on whatever the future may hold.


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