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Rapper Polo G Switches from Luxury Rides to Electric Golf Carts, Still Looks Cool

Rapper Polo G likes to find the best props for his photoshoots just like any celebrity who likes to flaunt their expensive lifestyles. And Polo G found something quite different than his usual luxury rides posing with an electric golf cart. In a new series of pictures posted on his Instagram account Taurus Tremani Bartlett known professionally as Polo G didn’t use one of his expensive cars to flaunt his expensive lifestyle but an electric golf cart. He still held a stash of cash in his hands just to be sure people get the idea.

The golf cart he posed with is one from Tomberlin called Ghosthawk. It’s available in two four or sixpassenger configurations with six colors to choose from. It looks like the rapper’s seems to be the E4+2 option with a Midnight Black exterior and matching leatherstyle upholstery. The sixpassenger variant comes with a length of 12 ft 6 in 3.8 m a 6in lifted suspension and is fitted with 14inch black alloy wheels.

The electric golf cart comes with an AC drive electric motor rated at 5 kW 7 hp with a peak of 17 hp. It has an eight 6V battery configuration good for a range of 40+ miles 64 km. There’s also an EVOLVE Lithium battery option which gives it up to 80 miles 129 km of range. The Ghosthawk is one of Tomberlin’s most popular models it’s LSVcompliant and streetlegal. It brings a list of safety features including threepoint seat belts fourwheel hydraulic brakes automatic parking brake LED emergency lights and a 7 LCD display with a rearview camera.

It’s unclear whether the rapper actually got to drive the lowspeed vehicle but this wasn’t the first time he showed a golf cart on his profile. While on vacation in January this year he hopped behind the wheel of another golf cart a Cushman Shuttle 6. And it does make for a nice change compared to some of his other cars. The 23yearold Chicago rapper splashed on a MercedesMaybach S 580 early this year for his 23rd birthday and also owns


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