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Moon Knight’s Daughter is the Perfect Marvel Hero – Here’s Why

The following contains major spoilers for the 2022 Moon Knight Annual, available now from Marvel Comics.

Marc Spector has long been one of the Marvel Universe’s premiere anti-heroes courtesy of his mantle of Moon Knight. As the Fist of Khonshu, Marc has taken on all manner of horrifying threats, from cybernetically enhanced former sidekicks to every creature of the night imaginable, yet the worst of his struggles have always hit much closer to home. In fact, the direst fight of Moon Knight’s life has just come calling for his very own daughter, and although Diatrice Spector might not be anything like her father, that is quickly proving to be her greatest strength.

“Homecoming” (by Jed MacKay, Federico Sabbatini, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC’s Cory Petit) from the 2022 Moon Knight Annual finds another quiet night at the Midnight Mission interrupted by an unexpected visitor, this time in the form of Marlene Alraune, Marc’s estranged wife. As bad as things might be between the two of them, Marlene is more than willing to bridge that gap when it comes to their daughter’s safety. As Marlene explains, Diatrice has been taken by none other than Jack Russell, better known as the Werewolf by Night. For Marc, this is an affront that cannot be abided by no matter what Jack’s plan is. Diatrice, on the other hand, is far more willing to hear Jack out without being afraid of what might happen next.

Moon Knight’s Daughter is Nothing Like Marvel’s Fist of Khonshu Marc and Marlene’s relationship has always been complicated, to say the least, but the introduction of Diatrice in 2017’s Moon Knight #190 (by Max Bemis and Jacen Burrows) took things to a whole new level. Prior to Diatrice’s birth, Marc and Marlene were in no way on speaking terms. After years of being put in grave danger by his career as Moon Knight, Marlene had left Marc for a safer life without him. Or rather, without that particular version of him, as she and Jake Lockley continued having a romantic relationship which culminated in Diatrice being secretly brought into the world.

It wasn’t until the villainous Sun King discovered Diatrice’s existence that Marc did as well. In the process, Marc also discovered his love for his daughter, which was more than enough to see him emerge victorious from his battle. Since then, Diatrice has been preyed upon by various of her father’s enemies, though she has always managed to come out unscathed. This hasn’t made her parents any more eager to see her put in harm’s way, but it has given Diatrice a superhuman sense of calm under such dire circumstances. Not only does she find common ground with Jack during her imprisonment, but she also convinces Marc to leave without spilling any blood considering no actual harm has come to her, which is something of a superpower in itself.


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