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Madelaine Petsch and Chlöe Bailey Take Centre Stage in ‘Jane’ Trailer

Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch is heading to another teen mystery moving from the small screen to the big screen with her new film Jane. The upcoming movie stars Petsch as an ambitious high school student whose grief becomes increasingly overwhelming. Ahead of the premiere later this month Petsch and Creator+ have shared the official trailer for the movie. The trailer opens with Petsch’s character Olivia who appears to follow a strict schedule in the hopes she’ll be admitted to her dream school. However it’s clear Olivia is struggling as muted colors and haunting background music hint at trouble ahead for her. Viewers then meet Olivia’s friend Izzy Chlöe Bailey who shows Olivia something that upsets them both. As the trailer continues viewers are pulled through a sinister mystery surrounding a girl named Jane and anyone could be the mastermind behind it. The trailer also spotlights Melissa Leo who tries to offer guidance to Olivia as she becomes increasingly more panicked.

The official synopsis per Creator+ reads:
Seemingly perfect high school senior Olivia struggles with grief from the recent loss of a friend. When she gets deferred from her dream college she begins to spiral and experiences a series of increasingly frightening panic attacks. In an attempt to regain some sense of control she embarks on a social media-fueled rampage against those that stand in the way of her success but as things escalate she is forced to confront – and ultimately embrace – her darkest impulses to get ahead.

Petsch is familiar with the sort of thrills present in the Jane trailer. Thanks to her tenure as Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale Petsch has been part of a multitude of bizarre mysteries from solving the murder of Cheryl’s brother to tackling superpowers and a centuries-old sorcerer with a vendetta. Jane is a fitting follow-up for Petsch fans waiting to watch her on the upcoming seventh season of Riverdale. Petsch also shared her excitement on social media saying this has been my baby for 2 years & it means the world to share it with you Jane was written by Sabrina Jaglom and Rishi Rajani and directed by Jaglom. Petsch serves as producer alongside Deborah Liebling Nick Phillips and Adam Wescott. Additional cast includes Nina Bloomgarden Chloe Yu Jordyn Aurora Aquino Grayson Berry Cecile Cubiló and Ian Owens.



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