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Lady Gaga Cosmetic Surgery Gone Bad? Fans Panic As This Would Cost Her Career [REPORT]

Earlier this year, it was announced that Lady Gaga would be taking on the role of the disturbed psychologist-turned-villain Harley Quinn in “Joker 2.”

Gaga finished her “Chromatica” Ball Tour 2022. Last September, it was reported by a film insider that the supposed drama thriller would also be turned into a musical because of Gaga’s participation. But since then, conversations about the project have remained silent. However, a thread on Reddit posted almost a month ago as of this writing has sparked chatter on the platform on Lady Gaga’s health update. Reposting a submission on famous celebrity insider Deuxmoi, the OP revealed that an A-lister, notorious for denying her addiction to plastic surgery, has been dealing with facial paralysis.

Her team is scrambling to find a solution. Her acting ambitions will have to be put on hold if her pretty face can’t even convey emotions properly. This isn’t a case of some overseas hack job either; she only goes to the best surgeons. Other high profile fox eye girlies should be nervous right now,” the submission reads. Fans on Reddit are in unison on who might have been the person pertained on the blind item – and it all leads to Lady Gaga. I think its Lady Gaga. You can tell she has had a lot of work done even though she denies it. You can also 100% see that she had a fox eye done if you compare recent and past photos,” someone commented.

In a Harper’s Bazaar article in 2011, Gaga revealed that she had no intentions of doing such, despite being suggested for doing so throughout the years. I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have. I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification,” she said at the time. While the chatter died out a month ago, a Little Monster posted on Twitter a rather alarming tweet, inferring that he heard a rumor” about the “Bad Romance” hitmaker, and it had made him anxious.

However, a recent video of the pop star, who seems to be in fox eyes, went viral as she attempted to do a “fake boomerang” while applying her own makeup. One fan even jokingly pointed out that the move was actually warranted: “Guys this is her in character for the joker, in the asylum there are no phones allowed so she has to create her own boomerangs. With her new video, it could be seen that Gaga might or might not be the A-list celebrity that the Deuxmoi insider rumor is referring to, as she still looked as beautiful and as radiant as she always was.


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