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Keanu Reeves net worth: What is the fortune of the Matrix and John Wick actor?

Keanu Reeves is an actor musician producer and philantropist that was born in Beirut Lebanon on September 2 1964 under the name Keanu Charles Reeves with his father being Hawaiian and her mother from England. After his father bailed on them Keanu and his mother settled in Toronto and they became Canadian citizens a couple of years later.

Reeves was a great high school hockey player but when he performed in his schools play of Romeo and Juliet he fell in love with acting and pursued a career in it. In 1994 he became a household name and an Alist celebrity in Hollywood after he starred in the action movie Speed the film earned two Academy Awards and catapulted Keanu Reeves to some major roles like The Matrix franchise.

Keanu Reeves net worth
Keanu Reeves is believed to have an estimated net worth of $380 million dollars due to his success in the movie industry and collaborating with different brands throughout his career.

Keanu Reeves earnings from The Matrix
Keanu Reeves is perhaps mostly known for his role as Neo in the historic The Matrix franchise and he got the part in the film after Will Smith turned it down. He was paid $10 million upfront for his protagonist role but was given a backend portion of the movie an given its surprising success he earned an additional $35 million dollars aproximately for the first installment. Reeves earned at least another $120 million dollars with the second and third movies from the franchise topping $200 million for the trilogy.


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