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Jessica Alba Refuses To Talk About Her First TV Show Flipper And How It Would Lead To Her Real-Life Kidnapping

Jessica Alba had a traumatic experience during her first TV gig, Flipper.

Jessica Alba enjoyed a stellar acting career, however, it didn’t come easy. Alba struggled with co-stars, including Jensen Ackles. In addition, the start of her career wasn’t easy either, as she struggled with confidence issues early on.

Deciding to leave Hollywood has been a successful decision for Alba. She’s thriving in the business world thanks to The Honest Company. With $100 million in the bank, Alba won’t be itching for a Hollywood return. In the following, we’ll take a look back at Jessica Alba’s childhood. According to the actress, things weren’t easy during her earlier days, as the family constantly moved around. We’ll also take a look at a traumatic experience that took place at the age of 14 for Alba. Despite being open about her past, she refuses to discuss this particular story.

Jessica Alba Had A Tough Childhood, Constantly Moving Around
Jessica Alba has a lot of stability in her life these days, with a strong net worth of $100 million. However, at one point in time, this was not the case. Particularly growing up, Alba revealed that her parents worked paycheck by paycheck.

She told People, “I grew up in survival mode. My parents didn’t have a safety net, they were living paycheck to paycheck. And so the mentality of ‘tomorrow’s not guaranteed For me, I was like, ‘I got to do everything I can to keep my head above water.” Growing up in such an environment, Alba didn’t have expectations for her future. This in turn, proved to be a positive.

I think because no one had any expectations that I would be successful, how could you fail? I wasn’t set up no one was like, ‘Oh my God, you’re going to be’ They were just like, ‘Here’s your life. I want a better life than that,” Alba remembered telling herself, “I don’t want to be in survival mode all the time. Alba definitely succeeded in her promise, however, the journey in Hollywood was not an easy one, especially at the start.

Jessica Alba Struggled Behind The Scenes During Her Earlier Days As An Actress
Insecurity was the theme for Jessica Alba behind the scenes at the start of her career. Alba struggled with her confidence, constantly questioning things. [I was] so wildly insecure about my abilities as an actress. I felt so judged,” Alba told host Sammy Jaye, adding “I was my worst critic. I think I didn’t feel worthy. Alba would further reveal that taking a step away from acting benefited her life greatly, in more ways than one.

I think taking a break for so long from it and literally having no consequence to whether it works or not, it allows me to have the freedom as a storyteller to just be completely present and try things and I really love it. And it’s brought me real joy,” said Alba. The actress has been very vocal and open about her past struggles. However, there is a certain memory from the past that she continues to keep quiet about. It all took place off the set during first TV production in, Flipper.

Jessica Alba Kept Quiet About Her Kidnapping During Flipper At The Age Of 14
It all stated with what Jessica Alba thought were odd prank calls. However, soon enough, things would get a lot scarier, as the actress went missing for 14 hours, during her time in the TV show, Flipper.

The Sun reports, “Shortly after, she was kidnapped from set and went missing for 14 hours. She was found bound, blindfolded and gagged in the trunk of a car after an extensive search. Unfortunately for Alba, the case would not be an ongoing one, given the lack of information she was able to provide. In addition, Alba has kept quiet about the past trauma, never discussing the moment during interviews. She also doesn’t have the most positive things to say about her experience in Flipper either. Quite the scary situation, especially for a teenager to face. Thankfully, she was okay, and her career was not deterred because of the trauma.


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