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Is Station 19 new tonight on ABC, November 26?

Is Station 19 new tonight on ABC? We know that the story of the firefighter drama left off in a way where 100% we’re going to want more. What happened to Maya? Is she still alive? The writers obviously want us to be concerned.

Unfortunately, they also want us to be concerned for the next several months on end. There is no Station 19 on the air tonight, and nor are there plans for any more for a good while. The series is going to return to the aforementioned network in February alongside Grey’s Anatomy, which is going to be a rather emotional time thanks to the exit of one Ellen Pompeo.

While it may be easy to sound some alarm bells right now for the future of Danielle Savre on this show, we still remain fairly confident that she is going to be okay … even if some of that confidence is misplaced, given that this universe does tend to kill a lot of people off. There are just so many more interesting stories that could be told with her! Think in terms of her recovery from what she’s gone through emotionally, plus also the state of her relationship with Carina. Plus, if something happens to Maya, that could easily through Maya’s future on the show into jeopardy; remember that she’s not as organically connected to a lot of these other characters at the moment.

More than likely, come late January / early February we’ll start to hear more information on what lies ahead and of course, we’re eager to hear a little bit more! We don’t think that this is a show that is going to steer hard or far from its roots and honestly, it doesn’t have to. All it really needs to succeed at this point are some legitimately-dangerous rescues mixed with chances to get to know these characters better.

What are you most hoping for from Station 19 season 6 when it comes back in 2023?
Be sure to let us know below, and also come back for some other updates related to the series. (Photo: ABC.)


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