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Is Ethan Choi leaving Chicago Med?

Cast exits are nothing new to the One Chicago franchise, but it’s been a particularly rough season for Chicago Med fans.

Season 8 of NBC’s medical drama has brought with it several shocking and unexpected cast exits this season. Already in season 8, we’ve said farewell to Guy Lockard (Dylan Scott), Sarah Rafferty (Pamela Blake), Riley Voelkel (Milena Jovanovic), Michael Rady (Matt Cooper), Johanna Bradley (Avery Quinn), Angela Wong Carbone (Jessa Rinaldi), and Asjha Cooper (Vanessa Taylor).
Needless to say, the number of cast exits has left fans fearful of losing more beloved cast members as this season seems to have proved no one’s future on the show is certain. It’s for this season that so many fans have begun questioning whether Brian Tee’s Dr. Ethan Choi could be about to join the list of characters to leave in season 8.

Is Ethan leaving Chicago Med?
In the eighth episode of Chicago Med season 8, we learn that Ethan and April have decided to get married after the couple surprises their friends with invitations to their wedding. When asked about the sudden nature of their wedding by Dr. Charles, Ethan explained how his death changed him and helped him to become the man April needed him to be.

The plot line seemed to come out of nowhere, but it also seemed to be paving the way for a potential exit storyline for Ethan… and that’s because it likely was. After eight seasons, Brian Tee will soon be leaving Chicago Med meaning Ethan will become the latest doctor to scrub out of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and leave the show.

Is Brian Tee leaving Chicago Med?
Following a limited role in season 7, Brian Tee has announced he’ll be leaving Chicago Med following an eight-season run as Dr. Ethan Choi. The decision seems to have been one made between both Tee and the writers, who have been building towards his exit since the season 8 premiere.

The reintroduction of Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton kick-started Ethan’s exit storyline, even though we didn’t realize it at the time. Their change encounter in the premiere, allowed the writers to organically build toward their reconciliation and engagement. With the show’s fall finale set to serve as Tee’s final episode, it’s likely we’ll see Ethan and April tie the knot before leaving town together to tie up his formal exit from the show.


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