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How filming naked for weeks helped ‘Sandman’s’ Tom Sturridge – Los Angeles Times

Tom Sturridge is a dream. As the star of Netflix’s “The Sandman,” an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s beloved comic book series, Sturridge stepped into seemingly uncastable shoes as the lean, angst-ridden (and rightly so after being imprisoned in a glass sphere for over a century) embodiment of dreams, Lord Morpheus (a.k.a. Dream). Now Sturridge, 36, best known for Tony-nominated stage performances in “Orphans” and “Sea Wall/A Life,” is a serious player in a different awards season. He spoke with The Envelope about his endless time in that sphere, his acting family and passing on the acting bug to the next generation.

You’re about to dive into your first New York Comic Con. Is this the kind of event you might have gone to before being the star of “The Sandman”? It’s possible. I’m someone who’s relatively overwhelmed with large groups of people, so I would’ve liked to have an ally who talked me through it and introduced me to the rules of the game. But the thing I love so much about “Sandman” is the way it connects with people. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before: The level of exchange of communication with fans is so rigorously interesting and deep, and I’m excited to continue that dialogue.

What was it about the character of Dream that drew you to him?

He’s not a Homeric classical heroic — by which, I mean someone whose intention is always to do good. His intention is to do right by his responsibilities, which are very specific to the subconscious of the universe. What’s beautiful about the story of “Sandman” is also the family he’s a part of, the Endless. They battle against each other in ways that a normal family does, which makes it relatable.


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