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Heartstopper star Joe Locke confirms ‘I’m alive and well’ after death hoax

Heartstopper breakout Joe Locke has been forced to intervene after a baffling TikTok trend convinced fans the rising star had suddenly died. Joe Locke and his costar Kit Connor have already become major stars following their acclaimed performances in Netflixs new romantic drama, Heartstopper. With a second season in the pipeline, fans on Twitter and TikTok have been confused by claims the young actor had died, and Joe himself has had to clear up the rumours in his latest Instagram post.

19yearold actor Joe has had to confirm hes still alive following a bizarre hoax which has become popular on TikTok this week. Several popular posts on the online videosharing platform claimed users had discovered the actor had died and sent their condolences. Hundreds of Heartstopper fans were left confused and upset by the videos, and the topic quickly became trending on Twitter. Thankfully, the young Netflix star is still alive and has been filming the highly anticipated second season of the Young Adult drama this year.

In his latest Instagram post, which featured snaps of Joe and Kit at British GQ, TikTok thinks youre dead. Joe quickly replied TikTok is full of people who lie to get clout… I am alive and well. His fans were naturally relieved and also furious with social media users who had been spreading lies. Twitter user  heartstperxjoe fumed The fact that he had to address that hes F*****G ALIVE is really f****d up you guys wtf

Joe Locke baby get behind me Im about to throw some hands. Thats so gross honestly, user scaleddandicy replied. If people wanna spend some time off social media and not post 247 they should be able to without being assumed theyve passed. and nicksnelIie wrote Why does TikTok take a piece of information and run with it? Joe Locke is not dead.

The hoax comes just a few weeks after Joes costar Kit was caught up in a similar social media storm. His 18yearold screen partner claimed he was forced to come out by online trolls when he confirmed he was bisexual in a Twitter post. Im bi. Congrats for forcing an 18yearold to out himself, he wrote. I think some of you missed the point of the show. Bye.


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