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Has King Charles moved his precious belongings into Buckingham Palace?

King Charles III has been pictured inside Buckingham Palace greeting the Governor of South Australia, Frances Adamson – and the décor of the 1844 Room has changed once again.In October, Charles’ dresser was pictured with no ornament on top, when in previous years when the late Queen Elizabeth II lived there, a pair of binoculars once adorned the sideboard.In fact, the special figurine was even present on that cabinet in the room back in 2003 when Charles’ late mother met with His Excellency the Ambassador of Guinea, Mr. Ibrahima Haiara.On Thursday, the King’s room for private audiences revealed a clock perched on the wooden dresser.It is no secret that the monarch is a big fan of timepieces and this could be one from his own personal collection. The King recently appeared on hit TV show The Repair Shop, taking in an old clock for restoration. Speaking on the show, the royal opened up about his love for clocks. “To me, I just love the sound, the tick-tock but also if they chime, that’s why I love grandfather clocks. I find it rather reassuring in a funny way and they become really special parts of the house… the beating heart of it. So that’s why they matter to me,” he said.

We went on to say: “I’m afraid it is something I learnt from my grandmother, she had great fun putting a few together and trying to get them to chime at the same time in the dining room, which made it very enjoyable because everybody had to stop talking.”Charles’ 18th-century bracket clock was lovingly restored by the team at The Repair Shop and the royal looked delighted when he heard the clock once again. Towards the end of the show, Charles made a surprising revelation about one of the other timepieces at his London home, Clarence House, revealing it took him a while to figure out what tune it played which was in fact the national anthem!


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