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Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde Romance NOT Over? ‘As It Was’ Singer Believes They’re Still Together

Even Harry Styles appears to feel that his relationship with Olivia Wilde will never be the same “as it was,” but that doesn’t mean it’s finished. Less than a week after the entire world learned of their breakup, ahead of their second anniversary, Hollywood Life learned from a source that the British singer-songwriter and “Don’t Worry Darling” filmmaker are merely taking a break – they’re not over.

“Harry will not state they have split up simply that they are taking a break and putting their relationship on hold,” a source close to them said. No one expects they’ll restart their relationship after his trip,” they claimed, “but Harry claims he doesn’t know what the future holds.” Harry and Olivia spent a lot of time together making their film, the controversial film directed by the mom-of-two featuring the “Watermelon Sugar” singer.

They undertook a press tour before the film’s release, including a trip at the Venice International Film Festival. Simultaneously, Harry’s “Love on Tour” sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City for 15 concerts from August 21 to September 15. His tour also took him to Los Angeles, where he played to sold-out crowds, the last of which was on November 15. Olivia Wilde’s two children, Otis, eight, and Daisy, six, were in the audience and dancing along with their “Superman” big brother. A few days later, People Magazine revealed that they had split up, which left many people confused.

According to the Hollywood Life insider, their decision to end their relationship was reached before the final Los Angeles show. They added that bringing Olivia’s children to the event was not unusual for them because the two adore Harry and he wanted all three of them to go. When the “Booksmart” director invited the kids to Harry Styles’ concert, they had previously discussed their intentions.

They’ve been talking about it for a while,” the person continued. But neither he nor she will admit it’s over. Nothing changed between the time she brought the kids to the performance and the time it became public. “The children adore Harry, and Harry adores them. Harry is now playing a few performances abroad and will take a little vacation for the holidays before continuing to tour across the world in the coming months. His performances, which will last the bulk of 2023, were a crucial factor in Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s decision to take a sabbatical on their romance.


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