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Gears of War, Netflix: Is Dave Bautista going to play lead role as Marcus Fenix? Check here

IIFL Wealth and Asset Management has rebranded itself as 360 ONE. A name borne out of the purpose the company has been living up to since inception. It signifies a holistic 360° view of the ONE that matters the most to them, their client. This helps them find the best opportunities for each and every client.

Unveiling the new 360 ONE brand and identity, Karan Bhagat, Founder, MD & CEO, said, “360 ONE is an embodiment of two words that are extremely important to us – ‘360’ represents the holistic view we take of the ‘ONE’ person whose interests are always first: Our Client. We believe that the new name conveys the values and strengths of our past and our aspirations for the future.”
Founded by Karan Bhagat and Yatin Shah, the firm has seen itself grow to become one of India’s largest wealth and alternates-focussed asset firms, with over USD 40 billion of assets under advice, distribution and management. The reason why HNIs and Ultra HNIs prefer the 360 ONE approach is because it is a relationship that is built on trust and backed by sound advice from experts.

360 ONE’s purpose is centered around Performance Plus. A philosophy that focuses on delivering tangible results over the long-term, which can be objectively measured by numbers. The ‘plus’ comes from the extra care taken to create personalized investment solutions, bespoke experiences and a relationship that goes beyond the numbers.

360 ONE is prepared for the next phase of growth, focusing on the fast-emerging alternates space and tapping into the wealth potential in TIER 2 cities where there is a pressing need for a more sophisticated and innovative approach to wealth and asset management.


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