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‘Fate: A Winx Saga’ Won’t Return for Season 3; Canceled at Netflix

Netflix has opted to cancel Fate: The Winx Saga, but why?

Fate: The Winx Saga returned to Netflix in September 2022 but does it set up a third season and will we get one? Sadly, just weeks later, we’ve learned Fate: The Winx Saga season 3 won’t be returning with the show officially canceled, according to its showrunner. Here’s what we know about the cancelation. First debuting in January 2021, the series from Brian Young is a live-action adaptation of the Nickelodeon animated series Winx Club. The show received a swift renewal and season 2 also received a slightly larger season order with 8 episodes up from the 6 for season 1 (only 7 released, however).

Has Netflix Renewed Fate: The Winx Saga for Season 3?
A decision on the series was publicly announced on November 1st, 2022 and that decision would be that we will not be getting a third season of the show at Netflix. In an Instagram update, Brian Young wrote that the show had been canceled in a heartfelt thanks to fans, saying:

According to showrunner Brian Young, until that point, the intentions are to continue the show. In a post, the showrunner said The show did get pretty decent coverage via Netflix’s own marketing. Netflix Tudum covered the series in-depth; it received multiple trailers and even was one of the headliners at Netflix’s Geeked Week event earlier this year. You can read more on what goes into a renewal decision at Netflix here but we’ll cover some reasons why Fate: The Winx Saga may have been impacted below.

How well is Fate: The Winx Saga performing on Netflix?
Using Netflix’s top 10 hourly data, we can see how well the show is performing thus far. We’ve got five weeks of data for the title before it dropped out of the top 10s and weeks 2 to 3 could be one of the main reasons for its cancelation.

What we’re looking at is the 57% drop in watch time between weeks 2 and 3. We’ve previously noted that a drop over 50% likely signifies there’s a notable drop-off when it comes to new starters and perhaps more importantly, completions. The second season scored 160,980,000 million hours watched globally between September 11th and October 16th, 2022.

One positive for the show is that viewership also shot up for the first season of Fate: The Winx Saga following season 2’s release suggesting new fans were coming into watching the show (or rewatching) for the first time. The first season featured in Netflix’s top 10s between September 18th and October 2nd with 29.82M hours. Per our top 10 report for week 1 and using the CVE metric, the show had a weaker debut than most renewed titles at Netflix, such as Virgin River, Never Have I Ever, Sex Education, You, and Cobra Kai.

What We Expected from Fate: The Winx Saga Season 3
Note: this was written before cancelation. We saw many significant moments in season 2, not because of the new fairies introduced this season.

In episode 7, the Blood Witches enact their plans it came down to the students of Alfea to protect their school and their friends. Bloom also faced a painful choice which led her to a new location that would almost certainly be included in the third season. By the close of the season, we see Sebastian defeated, with Aisha, Stella, and Terra having combined their fair powers together. That then restores the powers that had been “scraped” throughout season 2.

The next season sets us heading to the Realm of Darkness, which will no doubt represent a shift in tone if we return for a third season. Bloom is currently stuck there with her faceless mother. The entity within the shadow realm has also been teased about resurrection powers, and we see Beatrix’s grave. Could they be making a return?

We’ll also likely see a brand new headmaster/mistress following the season finale events. The showrunner for Fate: The Winx Saga told EW we can expect to see the Beatrix sisters join in the new season, saying, “That’s a core part of the cartoon that we always knew we’d see at some point in the show. I would say if we get a season 3, expect Icy and Darcy. Additionally, Young said about a potential third season.

What are fans predicting for the third season?
Reddit has been vibrant with reviews and predictions for the series. One post made predictions for the next three seasons (if the show is so lucky), with their prediction for season 3 being If you need more Fate: The Winx Saga before season 3, we recommend giving the book tie-ins a read. Lighting the Fire was the most recent release in 2022, with The Fairies’ Path being the first released last year.


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