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Encore: Haunted House, Holy Water

This episode was originally released on October 05 2018.
In celebration of Halloween we’re airing spooky tales from our archives. Our last terrifying story comes from a guy named Alex. He spoke to Ben and Amory as did a few of his friends mentioned in the story. Do you believe him? Thanks to Redditor for this week’s artwork Inktober Haunted House. This content was originally created for audio. The transcript has been edited from our original script for clarity. Heads up that some elements i.e. music sound effects tone are harder to translate to text.

Amory it was fun seeing some people in real life some die hard fans for our Halloween event. That was cool.
Amory: Yeah thank you so much to everyone who came to our bots kick off event on Friday. That series actually starts actually Friday. And we gave a little taste of it on stage. But we’re getting into the sometimes creepy always surprising potentially troubling maybe exciting world of bots. I know right? That felt like a like a slam poet today. But right now because it is Halloween we have one more scary story for you from the archives. And this is a favorite of mine. It’s a classic Yeah yeah we went diving into the crates to pull this dusty LP out. And it’s it’s gonna and it’s gonna when the needle drops it’ll drop you. Get ready. Whoa. Yeah we have a classic haunted house story for you. And whether you’re hearing it for the first time or the second time or the tenth time.

When I say haunted house Amory what comes up in your mind?
Amory: I’m afraid of most houses in general. So I’d say anything that has more rooms than people living in it. Like if there are a bunch of empty rooms and a house they’ve got to be haunted. I think about all those horror movies where there’s like a group of unsuspecting teenagers who decide for some unbeknownst reason to investigate something in a haunted house that clearly does not need further investigating. Yeah. All right. Well I think of the intro to that show Tales from the Crypt with the skeleton in the basement that pops out of the coffin. You guys know what I’m talking about? Okay this story we found is a kind of classic haunted house story. troubled teens hanging out where they don’t belong symbolism holy water. It’s got it all. But it has this added layer of strangeness to it because it really happened. According to the guy who wrote about the experience on Reddit. Hi my name is Alex’s Sophie. My dad is from Afghanistan and my mom was from Puerto Rico. I live out in Martinez California. I’m 27 years-old.

Alex grew up in California’s Central Valley. As a teenager he was pretty skeptical of the supernatural.
Before what happened those nights I didn’t really believe in ghosts or none of that. That was something new. It was always a scary stories you heard about a friend’s friend and and whatnot. But after those visits to that house I became a firm believer that you I cannot be convinced otherwise. Yeah Ryan I I met him when I was in third grade actually. We met riding bikes. He was outside riding his bike I was outside riding my bike. So for four years we would just bond over riding bikes taking them through the fields riding him off makeshift ramps trying to race cars and then we just grew up. And then eventually we got into exploring abandoned homes.

It was just me and Ryan. At first. We saw all these abandoned houses and we were like why not? Let’s go inside. We always set out around 12 AM. I always dressed dark so it blend in dark dark colors blend in with a night. And I tried to bring as little with me as possible just travel light so that way I can run a lot faster from whatever. Ryan is funny. You always had this. It wasn’t really a trench coat but it was like this military jacket. And he could shove so much like stuff in there. And so he did exactly what he would do just put a bunch of knives or or whatever he needed. He didn’t travel light he was the artillery. The front yard was fenced off. And outside of the fence. There was a there was no sidewalk it was gravel. Backyard was not kept well. Grass was pretty tall. I had this really crappy flip phone. That was our only source of light. I remember he had a pick the brightest background and they set the thing full to full bright brightness. And that was our source of light. There’s a door that leads straight into the garage. And in the garage is another door that goes into the kitchen.

Both those doors were unlocked. And that’s how we got in. It was empty. There was no furniture and none of that. So after we did our full round through the house we found ourselves back in the kitchen. And above the kitchen doorway there was a bronze shield ornament hanging above. It didn’t even look nice honestly it looked old dirty. After I pulled it down. I did take a look at it. And then I was I was just too lazy to put it back up. I tried putting it back on the hooks but I just couldn’t figure it out. So I threw it at my feet and as I did that I took a step into the further into the kitchen where Ryan was standing. And as I took that step I could hear something slide across the floor like it was the marble floor and I could hear something slide across it and it hit the wall. So me and Ryan kind of just sat there staring at each other kind of scared because we didn’t know what the hell that was. So we both go down there to go see what it was.

This is freaky but Ryan and Alex investigate and they’re relieved to find the shield. Alex thinks he kicked it by accident when he took a step in. I mean he doesn’t actually believe that. But that’s what they agreed to tell each other. And they figure out how to place it backward originally was above the kitchen doorway.And then I took another step and back into the kitchen and behind me I can hear the metal hit the floor and slide across the ground again. There was definitely someone in the house like there had to be someone else in there with us. And we were just too scared to go any further. So we left through that back door that was in the in the backroom. And we started to make her way home.

And I think like a week goes by. I think I mentioned it to a few friends. So we’re just like No no that didn’t happen. Let’s go check it out. So we we took them with us we went to the same way the door was still unlocked through the garage and and through the kitchen. As I’m walking into the garage I noticed this shelf full of light bulbs. And I’m the last one into the house to the kitchen. And as I shut the door behind me it sounds like someone was just pulling the light bulbs out of their boxes and just throwing them on the ground. You see just all the glass just breaking on the floor. And we all froze. And I was super scared because I was next door. So I thought someone was just going to run inside and you know just attack us. The friends who had come to the house for the first time are fully spooked. One of them says That’s it. I’m out. So the group decides to leave and they get out of the house as fast as they can through the back door and into the long grass.



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