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Daveed Diggs Talks ‘Snowpiercer’ As A Franchise, Sean Bean And The Confidence Of Season Two

“I think first seasons are hard because you don’t know what you’re making,” mused Daveed Diggs as we discussed the second season of Snowpiercer.

“By season two, we knew how to make this show. There was a lot less wasted time, and by that, I mean time spent learning the mechanics of it. That time covered everything from working out what kind of shot works in a certain situation, in an action scene, what will give you the biggest bang in the shortest amount of time because shooting schedules are crazy. We knew all of those things going into the second season. We got to keep a lot of our same crew, so it was just easier to make, and it did feel more confident as a show.”

Diggs returns as Andre Layton in Snowpiercer’s second season. Jennifer Connelly, who plays Melanie Cavill, also returns. Among those joining the cast of the TNT show’s sophomore outing is Sean Bean as the villainous Joseph Wilford.

“You get so close to people because you spend a lot of time with each other, and not having to start a relationship over from scratch is always nice,” Diggs explained. “I know Sean’s work, and he’s fantastic here. Sean’s so great as Wilford and really fun to work with. He’s so laid back, and I don’t know that you would assume that of him from his portrayals. He’s genuinely not tripping off anything. He’s unphased by everything.”  “Snowpiercer is hard s**t to shoot. He’s very level-headed, just comes in and starts playing, and I think the energy he infused in the show is vital, especially as a new character. His performances were so fearless. He never worried about where the camera was, he made bold choices all the time, so when you’re acting with him, you get to do the same. You’re actually forced to do the same thing, or he’s going to eat you alive, you know? I had a wonderful time working with him.”

Diggs added, “With Melanie as a character, as my adversary last season, that relationship is now very nuanced, and they grow to respect each other. Layton and Wilfred don’t f**k with each other, they don’t understand each other, but I think they are both at times amused by each other. That was a fascinating wrinkle and easy to play with Sean. He’s so damn charismatic. Once he turned the Wilford thing on, I found myself, and by proxy Layton, jealous of his outfits and his one-liners. The jokes he makes are so good. I was like, ‘Oh man, I’m mad at you because you’re having more fun than me, and also you’re evil.’ It was so cool.”


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