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‘Avengers: Endgame’: Here’s Why Katherine Langford’s Big Scene Was Cut

If you saw Avengers Endgame and left the movie wondering who in the world Katherine Langford played youre not alone. The 13 Reasons Why actress was cast in a key mystery role last October but ultimately she doesnt appear in the finished film. And now we know why Speaking with Josh Horowitz on the HappySadConfused podcast via Film directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed that Langford did have a major scene in Avengers Endgame but the scene ended up being cut.

Who did she play? None other than the teenaged version of Tony Starks daughter Morgan. Yes indeed the Russo brothers shot a sequence in which Tony was jolted to the metaphysical world after he snapped the gauntlet just like Thanos where he encountered the teenaged version of his daughter. Joe Russo said Joe Russo went on to say the idea was that Tony received a semblance of solace after his sacrifice that everything would be OK Unfortunately since the scene starred a new actress in the role of Tonys daughter test audiences were just confused. Anthony Russo explained

Thus the whole scene was cut. This does make you wonder if Tonys final goodbye to Pepper Gwyneth Paltrow was part of reshoots after the scene with his older daughter was cut. Because that goodbye fulfills the same purpose—to let Tony know that everythings going to be okay once hes gone that he can let go. Itll be interesting to see if this sequence makes its way onto the home video release or if its just an idea that didnt work thatll never see the light of day. Regardless this is why you test movies. The ending we got and the goodbye Tony has with Pepper and Peter Parker Tom Holland is the perfect emotional beat.


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