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Angelina Jordan Poses With Heidi Klum, Will She Compete on ‘AGT: All Stars?’

Is Norwegian singing sensation Angelina Jordan hinting at a possible run on America’s Got Talent: All Stars? The Norway’s Got Talent winner would be a great addition to the show, with a solid chance of going all the way.

Angelina Jordan Posts a Picture Together With All Stars Judge Heidi Klum
Angelina Jordan’s most recent social media post shows her posing together with none other than AGT: All Stars judge Heidi Klum. Although this post could be construed a few different ways, we immediately began to wonder whether we’ll see the singer on the new spin off or not. Nonetheless, since AGT: All Stars is currently filming, it’s quite suspicious for the two to be posing together out of the blue. Within the photo, Jordan is seen hugging Klum and posing for a selfie. The caption features Jordan praising Klum. For those who may not remember, Klum gave the singer her Golden Buzzer on the second season of AGT: The Champions three years ago. It’s believed that the two have remained as friends ever since.

So is Jordan hinting at competing in AGT: All Stars with her post? Although there’s been no official announcement at the moment, we believe it’s possible. On the flipside, it’s important to remember that she currently resides in Los Angeles. So, there’s a slim chance this reunion was based on chance. Regardless of the situation, we would love to see Jordan return to the AGT stage for the newest spin off series. After winning Norway’s Got Talent back in 2014, she went on to compete on AGT: The Champions becoming a finalist on the show. Jordan started singing at a very young age proving to be a very talented vocalist. She is unique as she prefers to sing barefoot.

While AGT fans are hyping up AGT: All Stars, season 18 of the main show is now open for auditions. Posted on the official AGT Instagram page is a video featuring vocalist duo Jojo and Bri announcing the news. The uncle and niece vocal duo are urging everyone interested in competing to sign up now. Fans now have the chance to showcase their talent and compete for the million-dollar cash prize. To sign up for the next season you can visit the official AGT website for auditions. On the site, you can pick a schedule for a virtual open call and submit the video of your audition. Be sure to record your video in a well lit room and show off your best talent.


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