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99 Breaking Bad Trivia Questions To Test Your Knowledge Of This Iconic Show

It’s a big day for us – we’re venturing into new grounds with our trivia questions and answers series. A day that will mark a new era of trivia games, catered exclusively to the fans of the finer things in the omnipresent pop culture. That’s right, we’re opening the gates for TV series trivia, and to mark such a glorious occasion, we had to make a choice for the first topic very carefully. And you’ll be the judge of our efforts, but we think we couldn’t really go wrong with putting our Breaking Bad trivia list as our frontier in this new series. So, here it is, our brand spanking new Breaking Bad trivia quiz.

Now, you might be wondering whether these Breaking Bad trivia questions will catch you, a hardened fan of the show, off guard. We’re pretty proud to answer that yes, these questions will make you look deep into your memories of the show because some of them are both pretty sneaky and demand a thorough knowledge of the iconic show. However, if you only had the time to watch the series just once for now, worry not – there are also some pretty basic questions to which you’ll definitely know the right answers. So, as usual, a pretty darn well-rounded selection of questions. So, ready to dig into these exciting Breaking Bad trivia questions and answers? If so, please reply, ‘Yeah, female dog!’ and let’s begin the game. No, wait a second – before you announce the beginning of your trivia game match, please rank these questions, as for now, they are all jumbled up. Oh, and you might also want to share this article with your friends!


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