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6 movies for those who liked Better Call Saul

Between lawyers and organized crime, check out these productions that somehow resemble the Breaking Bad spin-off.

The end of Breaking Bad, acclaimed series created by Vince Gilligan, left many fans orphaned and crazy to consume more content set in that universe. Not long after, the spin-off Better Call Saul marked the debut of lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) as a protagonist, telling not only the past of one of the most remarkable characters in Breaking Bad, but also showing what happened after the end. of Heisenberg’s empire. In 2022, Better Call Saul received its final season and put an end to this small Breaking Bad universe. If you’re a fan and still haven’t overcome the emptiness left by the end of the series, check out some similar productions that might help:

Anonymous (2021)
Anonymous is not like Better Call Saul because of the plot or thematic, but because of the protagonist, played by none other than Bob Odenkirk, Saul Goodman himself. Here, Bob is a frustrated man who seems to fail at everything, including losing the respect of his family after failing to defend them during a robbery. To regain his honor, he ends up resuming a path he had left behind a long time ago. Written by the screenwriter of the John Wick franchise, the film features intense and breathtaking action, so lovers of the genre and series will surely love it.

Sicario: No Man’s Land (2015)
Like Better Call Saul, Sicario crosses the border between the United States and Mexico in one of the best modern “neo westerns”. The film brings a group of agents who will need to face high-risk situations in the fight against drug trafficking, which also works as a declaration of war against the Mexican cartels. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, one of the greatest directors of our time, the film offers a good balance between action and drama.

Uncut Gems (2019)
Watching Uncut Gems is like watching a reimagining of the Saul Goodman stereotype, only played by Adam Sandler. The feature tells the story of Howard Ratner, a jewelry store owner who is addicted to gambling and, like Jimmy, does not convey any confidence to those who are watching. It is a different film, which does not fit the silly comedies that are typical of the actor, but which proves his talent for acting.

Fargo: A Comedy of Errors (1996)
Saul Goodman is famous for his far-fetched plans that, most of the time, end catastrophically. That’s what Fargo: A Comedy of Errors is all about, a film that mixes humor and violence in the way we’re used to in Better Call Saul. It all starts when a dealership manager plans to kidnap his own wife to get out of financial tightness, but it is clear that things will not unfold the way he expected.

Nebraska (2013)
Filmed in black and white, Alexander Payne’s production brings a contemplative road trip about aging and its consequences. The story accompanies Woody Grant (Bruce Dern) and his son David (Will Forte) crossing the American Midwest to exchange a letter that promises Woody one million dollars. Although Grant doesn’t become a millionaire, his son participates in the journey to reconnect with his father. The film brings the reality and monotony of the characters’ lives, in addition to the reflection of the future.

Marks of Violence (2006)
Starring Viggo Mortensen, David Cronenberg’s dramatic thriller was nominated for two Academy Awards, Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay. Fruit of the Graphic Novel by John Wagner and Vince Locke, the feature features Tom Stall, a peaceful family man and owner of a diner in a small town. One day, the establishment undergoes a robbery attempt, if not for Tom, who prevents the event with extreme skill. With that, he ends up calling the attention of mobsters on the other side of the country, who seek revenge. What is Stall’s background? All of these films are available on various streaming services and can be watched on television, cell phones, tablets or any other device that supports the applications of the respective platforms.


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