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1 Notable Mistake Cobra Kai Season 6 Must Avoid

Cobra Kai season 5 ended old conflicts and set up a unique season 6, but there is one mistake regarding Johnny and Daniel that the show must avoid. While Cobra Kai season 3’s finale teased that Johnny and Daniel would finally work together, it was only halfway through Cobra Kai season 5 that the iconic Karate Kid duo really put their differences aside and became friends. With Daniel at a low point in his life following Terry Silver’s return while Johnny was fixing things with Robby and preparing himself to be a father again, Cobra Kai flipped the dynamic between Daniel and Johnny and made their friendship better.

Cobra Kai season 5 suggests that Johnny and Daniel will remain friends and that the duo along with Chozen will run a brand new dojo during the Sekai Taikai. However, Cobra Kai is used to seemly ending a conflict only to spark it again a few episodes later. The numerous fallouts between Miguel and Sam, who after five seasons were still trying to sort their relationship out, is an example. Johnny and Daniel had been trying to be friends since season 1, yet every moment of reconciliation was followed by some sort of misunderstanding that once again doomed their relationship. Continuing such an annoying trick is something Cobra Kai season 6 should avoid.

It Took 5 Seasons For Cobra Kai To End Johnny & Daniel’s Rivalry
Daniel and Johnny sit at a table together in Cobra Kai
During Cobra Kai’s first five seasons, there were several moments in which it seemed like Johnny and Daniel would finally move past the events of The Karate Kid and become friends. The heart-warming scene at the bar toward the end of Cobra Kai season 1 was the first moment in which audiences believed Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence had found common ground, and even a friendly rematch inspired by Rocky III was suggested. Unfortunately, that potential new friendship lasted less than an episode. The conflict between Daniel and Johnny, now powered by the actions of the young characters such as Robby and Sam, would only escalate in seasons 2 and 3.

After the end of Cobra Kai season 3, in which John Kreese’s Cobra Kai students broke into Daniel’s house in what can only be described as a karate war, it seemed like Daniel and Johnny now had bigger problems than their 35-year-old rivalry. With Robby’s fate and the future of the Cobra Kai dojo depending on the All Valley, Cobra Kai had the perfect storyline for Johnny and Daniel to become friends – yet it failed again. It was only at the very end of Cobra Kai season 4 that the duo realized how much their rivalry was affecting their students, followed by what now seems to be a strong friendship.

Why Cobra Kai Cannot Spark Johnny & Daniel’s Rivalry Again
Daniel and Johnny
While ever-lasting rivalries are part of Cobra Kai’s charm, having misunderstandings lead to the fallout of Daniel and Johnny’s friendship can only work so often. An argument can be made that Cobra Kai season 4 was already when Daniel and Johnny should have worked things out and that postponing the end of their rivalry to season 5 was a mistake. Now that Daniel and Johnny are friends and that Miyagi-Do and Eagle-Fang have combined into one, reverting their relationship to what it was before season 5 would play against not only both characters but the show as a whole. Cobra Kai season 6 must therefore move the story forward and avoid previous seasons’ tricks.


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