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You can actually camp at Friday the 13th’s Crystal Lake

Good news horror fans a new slasher getaway is ready to be added to your bucket list. Jasons hunting ground is available to experience in real life!

Good news horror movie fans! If you ever wanted to live out your slasher movie fantasy minus all the death you have a place to go to. A company called Crystal Lake Tours celebrates the Friday 13th movies by holding events at Camp NoBeBoSco in New Jersey – the primary filming location of the horroraction movie Friday the 13th Part 1. Thats right folks you can actually camp at Jason Voorheess famed hunting grounds.

For fans unfamiliar with the famous horror series featuring our favourite hockeymasked serial killer Camp Crystal Lake is the home to Jason Voorhees – the iconic big baddie of the Friday the 13th movies. The backstory of the camp says that a young Jason was bullied by other children and was one day thrown into the lake. Unable to swim Jason drowned in 1957 and has been haunting the camp and taking revenge on every living soul enjoying it ever since. Luckily Crystal Lake Tours doesnt offer any murder in its package. Instead according to the companys website those who buy a ticket for the Jasonthemed event will experience guided tours canoeing excursions celebrity reunions movie screenings and more.

Sounds like the perfect horror fan getaway right?

If you want to sign onto the Crystal Lake Tour experience unfortunately you are out of luck for 222 as tours for this year are already over. However fear not you can sign up for their 223 ticket waiting list and get notified as soon as tickets for the next spooky season become available. If you are after more slasher icons here are our guides to the backstories and powers of Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger


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